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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Should Diesel cars in Europe be discouraged?Mayeres, Inge; Proost, Stef
2004 The Opening of the European Electricity Market and Environmental Policy: Does the Degree of Competition Matter?Bigano, Andrea; Proost, Stef
2005 A cost-benefit analysis of tunnel investment and tolling alternatives in AntwerpDe Palma, André; Lindsey, Robin; Proost, Stef; Van der Loo, Saskia
2005 Trip chaining - who wins, who loses?De Palma, André; Dunkerley, Fay; Proost, Stef
2005 Asymmetric Duopoly in Space - what policies work?De Palma, André; Dunkerley, Fay; Proost, Stef
2005 Optimal Location of New Forests in a Suburban AreaMoons, Ellen; Saveyn, Bert; Proost, Stef; Hermy, Martin
2009 Carve-outs under airline antitrust immunityBrueckner, Jan Keith; Proost, Stef
2010 What sustainable road transport future? Trends and policy optionsProost, Stef; Van Dender, Kurt
2011 Regional government competition and incentives for commuting taxes and transport investmentsVandyck, Toon; Proost, Stef
2013 Language and political power in the setting of a regional economic model: Application to BrusselsHeyndrickx, Christophe; Proost, Stef
2017 Cross-border exchange and sharing of generation reserve capacityBaldursson, Fridrik Már; Lazarczyk, Ewa; Ovaere, Marten; Proost, Stef
2018 Reforming private and public urban transport pricingProost, Stef
2019 What Role for Electric Vehicles in the Decarbonization of the Car Transport Sector in Europe?Littlejohn, Christina; Proost, Stef
2019 Vehicle-to-grid: Impacts on the electricity market and consumer cost of electric vehiclesGreaker, Mads; Hagem, Cathrine; Proost, Stef
2020 SCARE: When Economics Meets Epidemiology with Covid-19de Palma, André; Picard, Nathalie; Proost, Stef
2021 How to Be a Good Forerunner in Carbon Neutral TruckingLittlejohn, Christina; Proost, Stef
2021 Rational Drivers and the Choice Between Congestion Tolls and Tradeable Permits: A Political Economy ModelDe Borger, Bruno L.; Glazer, Amihai; Proost, Stef