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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007 Remittances and the macroeconomy: The case of small island developing statesAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Pozo, Susan; Vargas-Silva, Carlos
2008 And What About the Family Back Home? International Migration and HappinessBorraz, Fernando; Pozo, Susan; Rossi, Máximo
2008 Migration, remittances and children's schooling in HaitiAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Georges, Annie; Pozo, Susan
2009 New evidence on the role of remittances on health care expenditures by Mexican householdsAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Pozo, Susan
2010 Economic development strategies in the Dominican RepublicPozo, Susan; Sánchez-Fung, José R.; Santos-Paulino, Amelia U.
2011 Remittances and income smoothingAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Pozo, Susan
2012 Remittances and portfolio values: An inquiry using Spanish immigrants from Africa, Europe and the AmericasAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Pozo, Susan
2014 Remittance income uncertainty and asset accumulationAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Pozo, Susan
2014 On the Intended and Unintended Consequences of Enhanced Border and Interior Immigration Enforcement: Evidence from DeporteesAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Pozo, Susan
2014 When Do Remittances Facilitate Asset Accumulation? The Importance of Remittance Income UncertaintyAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Pozo, Susan
2015 The impact of the recession on the wealth of older immigrant and native households in the United StatesAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Pozo, Susan
2017 On the Implications of Immigration Policy Restricting Citizenship: Evidence from the Dominican RepublicAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Gratereaux Hernández, Carlos; Pozo, Susan
2018 Refugee Admissions and Public Safety: Are Refugee Settlement Areas More Prone to Crime?Amuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Bansak, Cynthia; Pozo, Susan