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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1996 On Restructuring, Regulation, and Competition in Utility Industries: Experience in the United Kingdom and Implications for Latin AmericaPowell, Andrew
1997 Capital Requirements for Latin American Banks in Relation to their Market Risks: The Relevance of the Basle 1996 Amendment to Latin AmericaPowell, Andrew; Balzarotti, Veronica
2005 Loyal Lenders or Fickle Financiers: Foreign Banks in Latin AmericaGalindo, Arturo; Micco, Alejandro; Powell, Andrew
2006 Multilateral intermediation of foreign aid: What is the trade-off for donor countries?Powell, Andrew; Bobba, Matteo
2007 Aid effectiveness: Politics mattersBobba, Matteo; Powell, Andrew
2007 On the determinants of international currency choice: Will the euro dominate the world?Bobba, Matteo; Della Corte, Giuseppe; Powell, Andrew
2008 Do credit rating agencies add value? Evidence from the sovereign rating business institutionsCavallo, Eduardo A.; Powell, Andrew; Rigobón, Roberto
2008 On emerging economy sovereign spreads and ratingsPowell, Andrew; Martínez, Juan Francisco
2009 The multilateral response to the global crisis: Rationale, modalities, and feasibilityFernández-Arias, Eduardo; Powell, Andrew; Rebucci, Alessandro
2009 Monetary and exchange rate policies for the perfect storm: The case of the Bahamas, Barbados, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Suriname, and Trinidad & TobagoMinella, André; Powell, Andrew; Rebucci, Alessandro; Souza-Sobrinho, Nelson F.
2010 Estimating the Direct Economic Damage of the Earthquake in HaitiCavallo, Eduardo; Powell, Andrew; Becerra, Oscar
2011 A New Way of Monitoring the Quality of Urban LifeLora, Eduardo; Powell, Andrew
2011 On Endogenous Risk, the Amplification Effects of Financial Systems and Macro Prudential PoliciesMajnoni, Giovanni; Powell, Andrew
2011 Prudent Banks and Creative Mimics: Can We Tell the Difference?Powell, Andrew; Miller, Marcus; Maier, Antonia
2011 A new way of monitoring the quality of urban lifeLora, Eduardo; Powell, Andrew
2012 Capital Inflow Surges in Emerging Economies: How Worried Should LAC Be?Powell, Andrew; Tavella, Pilar
2013 A New Taxonomy of Sudden Stops: Which Sudden Stops Should Countries Be Most Concerned About?Cavallo, Eduardo A.; Powell, Andrew; Pedemonte, Mathieu; Tavella, Pilar
2014 Is the Eurozone on the Mend? Latin American Examples to Analyze the Euro QuestionCavallo, Eduardo A.; Fernández Arias, Eduardo; Powell, Andrew
2014 On the Credibility of Inflation Targeting Regimes in Latin AmericaMariscal, Rodrigo; Powell, Andrew; Tavella, Pilar
2015 The second wave of global liquidity: Why are firms acting like financial intermediaries?Caballero, Julian; Panizza, Ugo; Powell, Andrew