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2001Temporary Jobs, Employ Protection and Labor Market PerformancePostel-Vinay, Fabien; Cahuc, Pierre
2004Heterogeneity in Reported Well-Being : Evidence from Twelve European CountriesClark, Andrew E.; Etilé, Fabrice; Postel-Vinay, Fabien; Senik, Claudia; van der Straeten, Karine
2005The public pay gap in Britain: small differences that (don't?) matterPostel-Vinay, Fabien; Turon, Hélène
2005Job Security and Job ProtectionClark, Andrew E.; Postel-Vinay, Fabien
2006On-the-job search, productivity shocks and the individual earnings processPostel-Vinay, Fabien; Turon, Hélène
2009Large employers are more cyclically sensitiveMoscarini, Giuseppe; Postel-Vinay, Fabien
2011Accounting for endogenous search behavior in matching function estimationBorowczyk Martins, Daniel; Jolivet, Grégory; Postel-Vinay, Fabien
2011Severance packagesPostel-Vinay, Fabien; Turon, Hélène
2014The Lifetime Earnings Premium in the Public Sector: The View from EuropeDickson, Matt; Postel-Vinay, Fabien; Turon, Hélène
2014Tenure, experience, human capital and wages: A tractable equilibrium search model of wage dynamicsBagger, Jesper; Fontaine, François; Postel-Vinay, Fabien; Robin, Jean-Marc
2015Does it pay to be a public-sector employee?Postel-Vinay, Fabien
2018On the Job Search and Business CyclesMoscarini, Giuseppe; Postel-Vinay, Fabien
2020Measuring Employer-to-Employer ReallocationFujita, Shigeru; Moscarini, Giuseppe; Postel-Vinay, Fabien
2020A Structural Analysis of Mental Health and Labor Market TrajectoriesJolivet, Grégory; Postel-Vinay, Fabien
2021Worker mobility and labour market opportunitiesDias, Mónica Costa; Johnson-Watts, Ella; Joyce, Robert; Postel-Vinay, Fabien; Spittal, Peter; Xu, Xiaowei