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2003 Does capital regulation matter for bank behavior? Evidence for German savings banksHeid, Frank; Porath, Daniel; Stolz, St├ęphanie
2004 Does capital regulation matter for bank behaviour? Evidence for German savings banksHeid, Frank; Porath, Daniel; Stolz, St├ęphanie
2004 Estimating probabilities of default for German savings banks and credit cooperativesPorath, Daniel
2004 How will Basel II affect bank lending to emerging markets? An analysis based on German bank level dataLiebig, Thilo; Porath, Daniel; di Mauro, Beatrice Weder; Wedow, Michael
2005 Do banks diversify loan portfolios? A tentative answer based on individual bank loan portfoliosKamp, Andreas; Pfingsten, Andreas; Porath, Daniel
2005 Accounting for distress in bank mergersKoetter, Michael; Bos, Jaap W. B.; Heid, Frank; Kool, Clemens J. M.; Kolari, James W.; Porath, Daniel
2006 A reappraisal of the evidence on PPP: a systematic investigation into MA roots in panel unit root tests and their implicationsFischer, Christoph; Porath, Daniel
2006 Does diversification improve the performance of German banks? Evidence from individual bank loan portfoliosvon Westernhagen, Natalja; Porath, Daniel; Hayden, Evelyn
2006 Does Diversification Improve the Performance of German Banks? Evidence from Individual Bank Loan PortfoliosHayden, Evelyn; Porath, Daniel; von Westernhagen, Natalja
2007 Efficient, profitable and safe banking: an oxymoron? Evidence from a panel VAR approachKoetter, Michael; Porath, Daniel
2016 Size and dynamics of order-of-entry effects in pharmaceutical marketsPorath, Daniel
2021 Innovation and employment in Sub-Saharan AfricaPorath, Daniel; Nabachwa, Sarah; Agasha, Ester; Kijjambu, Nsambu Frederick
2021 Influence of attitude on mobile banking acceptance and factors determining attitude of end-users in EthiopiaKejela, A. B.; Porath, Daniel