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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 Does Finance Bolster Superstar Companies? Banks, Venture Capital, and Firm Size in Local U.S. MarketsPopov, Alexander
2009 On the real effects of private equity investment: evidence from new business creationPopov, Alexander; Roosenboom, Peter
2009 Does private equity investment spur innovation? Evidence from EuropePopov, Alexander; Roosenboom, Peter
2010 Finance and diversificationManganelli, Simone; Popov, Alexander
2010 Interbank market integration, loan rates, and firm leverageOngena, Steven; Popov, Alexander
2010 Cross-border banking and the international transmission of financial distress during the crisis of 2007-2008Popov, Alexander; Udell, Gregory F.
2011 Output growth and fluctuation: the role of financial opennessPopov, Alexander
2012 Who needs credit and who gets credit in Eastern Europe?Brown, Martin; Ongena, Steven; Popov, Alexander; Yesin, Pinar
2012 When the cat's away the mice will play: does regulation at home affect bank risk taking abroad?Ongena, Steven; Popov, Alexander; Udell, Gregory F.
2013 Monetary policy, bank capital and credit supply: a role for discouraged and informally rejected firmsPopov, Alexander
2013 House prices, home equity and entrepreneurshipsCorradin, Stefano; Popov, Alexander
2013 Credit constraints and investment in human capital: training evidence from transition economiesPopov, Alexander
2015 Gender bias and credit accessOngena, Steven; Popov, Alexander
2015 Sovereign stress, unconventional monetary policy, and SME access to financeFerrando, Annalisa; Popov, Alexander; Udell, Gregory F.
2015 Financing constraints, employment, and labor compensation: evidence from the subprime mortgage crisisPopov, Alexander; Rocholl, Jörg
2016 Waking up from the American dream: on the experience of young Americans during the housing boom of the 2000sLaeven, Luc; Popov, Alexander
2016 The invisible hand of the government: “Moral suasion” during the European sovereign debt crisisOngena, Steven; Popov, Alexander; Van Horen, Neeltje
2016 A lost generation? Education decisions and employment outcomes during the U.S. housing boom-bust cycle of the 2000sPopov, Alexander; Laeven, Luc
2017 Evidence on finance and economic growthPopov, Alexander
2017 Credit market competition and the gender gap: Evidence from local labor marketsPopov, Alexander; Zaharia, Sonia