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2009A dynamic theory of fidelity networks with an application to the spread of HIV/AIDSPongou, Roland; Serrano, Roberto
2013Volume of trade and dynamic network formation in two-sided economiesPongou, Roland; Serrano, Roberto
2014Power theories for multi-choice organizations and political rules: Rank-order equivalencePongou, Roland; Tchantcho, Bertrand; Tedjeugang, Narcisse
2018An index of unfairnessAguiar, Victor H.; Pongou, Roland; Serrano, Roberto; Tondji, Jean-Baptiste
2019Did Partisan voters spoil the country? A randomized-thought experimentBarham, Victoria; Demeze-Jouatsa, Ghislain-Herman; Pongou, Roland
2020An Economic Model of Health-vs-Wealth Prioritization during Covid-19: Optimal Lockdown, Network Centrality, and SegregationPongou, Roland; Tchuente, Guy; Tondji, Jean-Baptiste
2020Ancestral Norms, Legal Origins, and Female EmpowermentBrodeur, Abel; Mabeu, Marie Christelle; Pongou, Roland
2020Climate Shocks and Teenage FertilityDessy, Sylvain; Marchetta, Francesca; Pongou, Roland; Tiberti, Luca
2021Optimally Targeting Interventions in Networks during a Pandemic: Theory and Evidence from the Networks of Nursing Homes in the United StatesPongou, Roland; Tchuente, Guy; Tondji, Jean-Baptiste
2021A free and fair economy: A game of justice and inclusionDemeze-Jouatsa, Ghislain-Herman; Pongou, Roland; Tondji, Jean-Baptiste
2022Profits, Pandemics, and Lockdown Effectiveness in Nursing Home NetworksPongou, Roland; Sidie, Ghislain Junior; Tchuente, Guy; Tondji, Jean-Baptiste