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1974Israeli policies towards imports of manufactured goodsPomfret, Richard
1975Export policies and performance in IsraelPomfret, Richard
1976Intra-industry trade in Israel: Level, explanation and implicationsPomfret, Richard
1976The consequences of free trade in manufactures between Israel and the EECPomfret, Richard
2004Resource abundance, governance and economic performance in Turkmenistan and UzbekistanPomfret, Richard
2004Spatial inequality and development in Central AsiaAnderson, Kathryn; Pomfret, Richard
2007Using energy resources to diversify the economy: Agricultural price distortions in KazakhstanPomfret, Richard
2007Coordinating aid for regional cooperation projects: The experience of Central AsiaPomfret, Richard
2008Turkmenistan after TurkmenbashiPomfret, Richard
2009Energy security in the EU beyondPomfret, Richard
2010Central Asia after two decades of independencePomfret, Richard
2012The post-2007 crises and Europe's place in the global economyPomfret, Richard
2013Exchange rate policy and regional trade agreements: A case of conflicted interests?Pomfret, Richard; Pontines, Victor
2014Trade costs and agricultural trade in Central AsiaPomfret, Richard
2016Agricultural policies in KazakhstanPetrick, Martin; Pomfret, Richard
2016Currency Union and Disunion in Europe and the Former Soviet UnionPomfret, Richard
2018Exploiting a natural resource in a poor country: The good, the bad and the ugly sides of the Kyrgyz Republic's gold minePomfret, Richard
2019Different paths to economic integration in Europe and AsiaPomfret, Richard
2019Why does sharecropping survive? Agrarian institutions and contract choice in Kazakhstan and UzbekistanMukhamedova, Nozilakhon; Pomfret, Richard
2021Trade corridors in the Caspian region: Present and futureKalyuzhnova, Yelena; Pomfret, Richard