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2001Overeducation and Skill Endowments The Role of School Achievement and Vocational Training QualityBüchel, Felix; Pollmann-Schult, Matthias
2009Geschlechterunterschiede in den Arbeitswerten: eine Analyse für die alten Bundesländer 1980–2000Pollmann-Schult, Matthias
2016Fathers' Commute to Work and Children's Social and Emotional Well-Being in GermanyLi, Jianghong; Pollmann-Schult, Matthias
2016Parenthood, child care, and nonstandard work schedules in EuropeBünning, Mareike; Pollmann-Schult, Matthias
2016Aktuelle Entwicklungen in der deutschen Familiensoziologie: Theorien, Daten, MethodenFasang, Anette Eva; Huinink, Johannes; Pollmann-Schult, Matthias
2016Family policies and fathers’ working hours: cross-national differences in the paternal labour supplyBünning, Mareike; Pollmann-Schult, Matthias
2017Sons, Daughters, and the Parental Division of Paid Work and HouseworkPollmann-Schult, Matthias
2017Poverty and child behavioral problems: the mediating role of parenting and parental well-beingKaiser, Till; Li, Jianghong; Pollmann-Schult, Matthias; Song, Anne Y.
2019The reproduction of educational inequalities – do parenting and child behavioural problems matter?Kaiser, Till; Li, Jianghong; Pollmann-Schult, Matthias
2019Evening and night work schedules and children's social and emotional well-beingKaiser, Till; Li, Jianghong; Pollmann-Schult, Matthias
2019Long work hours of mothers and fathers are linked to increased risk for overweight and obesity among preschool children: longitudinal evidence from GermanyLi, Jianghong; Kaiser, Till; Pollmann-Schult, Matthias; Strazdins, Lyndall
2020Introduction to the Special Issue "Parental work and family/child well-being"Pollmann-Schult, Matthias; Li, Jianghong
2020Parents’ nonstandard work schedules and children’s social and emotional wellbeing: A mixed-methods analysis in GermanyLi, Jianghong; Ohlbrecht, Heike; Pollmann-Schult, Matthias; Habib, Filip Elias