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2005The effects of incomplete employee wage information: A cross-country analysisPolachek, Solomon; Xiang, Jun
2011Heterogeneity in schooling rates of returnHenderson, Daniel J.; Polachek, Solomon; Wang, Le
2014The Gender Pay Gap Across Countries: A Human Capital ApproachPolachek, Solomon; Xiang, Jun
2014Unanticipated Effects of California's Paid Family Leave ProgramDas, Tirthatanmoy; Polachek, Solomon
2014Do School Budgets Matter? The Effect of Budget Referenda on Student PerformanceLee, Kyung-Gon; Polachek, Solomon
2014A Biological Basis for the Gender Wage Gap: Fecundity and Age and Educational HypogamyPolachek, Solomon; Zhang, Xu; Zhou, Xing
2015Hurricane Watch: Battening Down the Effects of the Storm on Local Crop ProductionSpencer, Nekeisha; Polachek, Solomon
2016How Do Hurricanes Impact Achievement in School? A Caribbean PerspectiveSpencer, Nekeisha; Polachek, Solomon; Strobl, Eric
2017How Asymmetrically Increasing Joint Strike Costs Need Not Lead to Fewer StrikesPantsios, Archontis L.; Polachek, Solomon
2017Micro Foundations of Earnings DifferencesDas, Tirthatanmoy; Polachek, Solomon
2017If Looks Could Heal: Child Health and Paternal InvestmentTracey, Marlon R.; Polachek, Solomon
2017Estimating Labor Force Joiners and Leavers Using a Heterogeneity Augmented Two-Tier Stochastic FrontierDas, Tirthatanmoy; Polachek, Solomon
2018Heterogeneous Layoff Effects of the US Short-Time Compensation ProgramTracey, Marlon R.; Polachek, Solomon
2019The Impact of Paid Family Leave on the Timing of Infant VaccinationsChoudhury, Agnitra Roy; Polachek, Solomon
2019A New Strategy to Identify Causal Relationships: Estimating a Binding Average Treatment EffectDas, Tirthatanmoy; Polachek, Solomon
2021The Long-Term Health Impact of Agent Orange: Evidence from the Vietnam WarLe, Duong Trung; Pham, Thanh Minh; Polachek, Solomon
2022The Econometrics of Antidotal VariablesDas, Tirthatanmoy; Polachek, Solomon
2024COVID-19 Vaccine and Risk-TakingSmart, Shanike J.; Polachek, Solomon