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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997 Politische Ökonomie des Föderalismus: Föderative Kompetenzverteilung im Lichte der konstitutionellen ÖkonomikPitlik, Hans
2000 Explaining economic performance during transition: what do we know?Pitlik, Hans
2001 On the politicization of intergovernmental fiscal relations in Germany after unificationSchneider, Friedrich; Pitlik, Hans; Strotmann, Harald; Schmid, Günther
2005 Legislative malapportionment and the politicization of Germany's intergovernmental transfer systemPitlik, Hans; Schneider, Friedrich G.; Strotmann, Harald
2005 Legislative Malapportionment and the Politicization of Germany's Intergovernmental Transfer SystemPitlik, Hans; Schneider, Friedrich G.; Strotmann, Harald
2007 The Impact of Growth Performance and Political Regime Type on Economic Policy LiberalizationPitlik, Hans
2008 A Decomposition of Austria's General Government Budget into Structural and Cyclical ComponentsKaniovski, Serguei; Pitlik, Hans; Steindl, Sandra; Url, Thomas
2010 Fiscal Governance and Government Investment in Europe since the 1990sPitlik, Hans
2010 Near Is My Shirt but Nearer Is My Skin. Ideology or Self-Interest as Determinants of Public Opinion on Fiscal Policy IssuesPitlik, Hans; Schwarz, Gerhard; Bechter, Barbara; Brandl, Bernd
2010 Near Is My Shirt, But Nearer Is My Skin: Ideology or Self-Interest as Determinants of Public Opinion on Fiscal Policy IssuesSchwarz, Gerhard; Pitlik, Hans; Brandl, Bernd; Bechter, Barbara
2011 Growth Implications of Structure and Size of Public SectorsPitlik, Hans; Schratzenstaller, Margit
2012 A Note on the Impact of Economic Regulation on Life SatisfactionKnoll, Bodo; Pitlik, Hans; Rode, Martin
2013 The interrelation of informal institutions and governance quality in shaping Welfare State attitudesPitlik, Hans; Kouba, Ludek
2013 Economic Freedom, Money and Happiness – Why Deregulation Matters Beyond its Wealth Enhancing EffectKnoll, Bodo; Pitlik, Hans; Rode, Martin
2013 Reforming welfare statesHuber, Peter; Leoni, Thomas; Pitlik, Hans
2014 Overcoming reform resistance and political implementation of large-scale welfare state reformsPitlik, Hans; Heinemann, Friedrich; Schweickert, Rainer
2014 Generalised Trust, Institutional and Political Constraints on the Executive and Deregulation of MarketsLeibrecht, Markus; Pitlik, Hans
2014 Free to Choose? Economic Freedom, Relative Income, and Life Control PerceptionsPitlik, Hans; Rode, Martin
2014 Who benefits from big government? A life satisfaction approachKnoll, Bodo; Pitlik, Hans
2014 Does social distrust always lead to a stronger support for government intervention?Pitlik, Hans; Kouba, Ludek