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2011NIMBY Clout on the 2011 Italian Nuclear ReferendumPignataro, Giuseppe; Prarolo, Giovanni
2011Prevention in Health Insurance: a Welfare Analysis of Participating PoliciesBarigozzi, Francesca; Bourl├Ęs, Renaud; Henriet, Dominique; Pignataro, Giuseppe
2012One more in my backyard? Insights from the 2011 Italian nuclear referendumPignataro, Giuseppe; Prarolo, Giovanni
2012Wealth inequality, unequal opportunities and inefficient credit marketCoco, Giuseppe; Pignataro, Giuseppe
2013A multi-factor inequality approach to a transfer scheme: the case of Common Agricultural PolicyPalestini, Arsen; Pignataro, Giuseppe
2013Take the money and run: making profits by paying borrowers to stay homeCoco, Giuseppe; De Meza, David; Pignataro, Giuseppe; Reito, Francesco
2014Green Consumers, Greenwashing and the Misperception of Environmental QualityLambertini, Luca; Pignataro, Giuseppe; Tampieri, Alessandro
2014Theocracy and Resilience Against Economic SanctionsNaghavi, Alireza; Pignataro, Giuseppe
2014Higher order beliefs and the dynamics of exchange ratesPancotto, Francesca; Pignataro, Giuseppe; Raggi, Davide
2015Competition among Coalitions in a Cournot Industry: A Validation of the Porter HypothesisLambertini, Luca; Pignataro, Giuseppe; Tampieri, Alessandro
2015Social learning and higher order beliefs: A structural model of exchange rates dynamicsPancotto, Francesca; Pignataro, Giuseppe; Raggi, Davide