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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 Is dualism still a source of convergence in Europe?Paci, Raffaele; Pigliaru, Francesco
1998 On the fast economic growth of small countries specialised in tourismLanza, Alessandro; Pigliaru, Francesco
2000 Detecting Technological Catch-Up In Economic ConvergencePigliaru, Francesco
2000 Technological Catch-Up And Regional Convergence In EuropePigliaru, Francesco; Paci, Raffaele
2001 Technological diffusion, spatial spillovers and regional convergence in EuropePaci, Raffaele; Pigliaru, Francesco
2003 A panel technique for the analysis of technology convergence: The case of the Italian regionsLiberto, Adriana Di; Mura, Roberto; Pigliaru, Francesco
2003 How fast are the tourism countries growing? The international evidence, 1980-95Pigliaru, Francesco; Lanza, Alessandro
2003 How Fast are the Tourism Countries Growing? The cross-country evidenceBrau, Rinaldo; Lanza, Alessandro; Pigliaru, Francesco
2005 How to Measure the Unobservable: A Panel Technique for the Analysis of TFP ConvergenceDi Liberto, Adriana; Mura, Roberto; Pigliaru, Francesco
2007 How Fast are Small Tourist Countries Growing? The 1980-2003 EvidencePigliaru, Francesco; Brau, Rinaldo; Lanza, Alessandro
2010 Tourism and Development: A recent phenomenon built on old (institutional) roots?Pigliaru, Francesco; Liberto, Adriana Di; Brau, Rinaldo
2010 Tourism and development: a recent phenomenon built on old (institutional) roots?Brau, Rinaldo; Di Liberto, Adriana; Pigliaru, Francesco
2011 Social Capital, Institutions and Growth: Further Lessons from the Italian Regional DividePigliaru, Francesco; Mauro, Luciano
2013 Decentralization, social capital and regional convergenceMauro, Luciano; Pigliaru, Francesco