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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Liquidity Constraints Faced by Firm and EmploymentPiekkola, Hannu; Haaparanta, Pertti
2000 Unobserved human capital and firm-sized premiumPiekkola, Hannu
2000 On whom falls the burden of restructuring? Evidence from FinlandPiekkola, Hannu; Böckerman, Petri
2001 Taxation and entrepreneurshipHaaparanta, Pertti; Piekkola, Hannu
2001 Unemployment and early retirements of the aged workers in FinlandHuovinen, Pasi; Piekkola, Hannu
2002 Transferability of human capital and job switchesPiekkola, Hannu
2002 Early retirement and use of time by older FinnsHuovinen, Pasi; Piekkola, Hannu
2002 Rent sharing as part of incentive payments and recruitmentPiekkola, Hannu; Kauhanen, Antti
2002 From creative destruction to human capital growth: Wage dispersion effects in FinlandPiekkola, Hannu
2002 Palkkaneuvottelut ja työmarkkinat pohjoismaissa ja EuroopassaPiekkola, Hannu
2002 Profit sharing in Finland: Earnings and productivity effectsKauhanen, Antti; Piekkola, Hannu
2002 Rent Sharing and Efficiency WagesPiekkola, Hannu
2003 Time use and options for retirement in EuropePiekkola, Hannu; Harmoinen, Liisa
2003 Economic inequality and household production: The effects of spezalization of gendersHeikkilä, Anni; Piekkola, Hannu
2004 Demographic aspects of ageing and time use in a set of European countriesPiekkola, Hannu
2004 Active ageing and pension system: FinlandPiekkola, Hannu; Heikkilä, Anni
2004 Active ageing policies in FinlandPiekkola, Hannu
2004 Explaining the desire for local bargaining: Evidence from a Finnish survey of employers and employeesHeikkilä, Anni; Piekkola, Hannu
2004 What makes performance-related pay schemes work? Finnish evidenceKauhanen, Antti; Piekkola, Hannu
2004 Retirement decisions and option values: Their application regarding Finland, Belgium and GermanyPiekkola, Hannu; Deschryvere, Matthias