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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006 Innovation and productivity in European industriesPianta, Mario; Vaona, Andrea
2006 Firm size and innovation in European manufacturingVaona, Andrea; Pianta, Mario
2009 Forces of inequality? The impact of technology and globalisationNascia, Leopoldo; Pianta, Mario
2009 The impact of innovation on labour productivity growth in European industries: Does it depend on firms' competitiveness strategies?Bogliacino, Francesco; Pianta, Mario
2010 Profits, R&D and Innovation: a Model and a TestBogliacino, Francesco; Pianta, Mario
2011 Job creation in business services: innovation, demand, polarisationBogliacino, Francesco; Lucchese, Matteo; Pianta, Mario
2015 Which industrial policy does Europe need?Mazzucato, Mariana; Cimoli, Mario; Dosi, Giovanni; Stiglitz, Joseph E.; Landesmann, Michael A.; Pianta, Mario; Walz, Rainer; Page, Tim
2015 The dynamics of skills: Technology and business cyclesCirillo, Valeria; Pianta, Mario; Nascia, Leopoldo
2015 Four engines of inequalityFranzini, Maurizio; Pianta, Mario
2015 Business cycles, technology and exportsGuarascio, Dario; Pianta, Mario; Lucchese, Matteo; Bogliacino, Francesco
2016 Why Europe Needs a Public Investment PlanPianta, Mario
2016 The Engines of InequalityFranzini, Maurizio; Pianta, Mario
2018 Italien: Liberal-populistische PolitikPianta, Mario
2019 Nach der Wahl zum Europäischen Parlament – mehr Europa oder weniger?Felbermayr, Gabriel; von Ondarza, Nicolai; Gros, Daniel; Watt, Andrew; Pianta, Mario
2020 The Coming Coronavirus Crisis: What Can We Learn?Lucchese, Matteo; Pianta, Mario
2020 Italy's Political Upheaval and the Consequences of InequalityPianta, Mario