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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008Labour supply and taxesMeghir, Costas; Phillips, David
2008Labour supply and taxationMeghir, Costas; Phillips, David
2009Peace and goodwill? Using an experimental game to analyse the Desarrollo y Paz initiative in ColombiaAttanasio, Orazio; Pellerano, Luca; Phillips, David
2013Scenarios for the Welsh government budget to 2025 - 26Deaner, Benjamin; Phillips, David
2013An ex-ante analysis of the effects of the UK government's welfare reforms on labour supply in WalesAdam, Stuart; Phillips, David
2013Living standards, poverty and inequality in the UK: 2013Cribb, Jonathan; Hood, Andrew; Joyce, Robert; Phillips, David
2015A tax micro-simulator for Mexico (MEXTAX) and its application to the 2010 tax reformsAbramovsky, Laura; Phillips, David
2015Value added tax policy and the case for uniformity: Empirical evidence from MexicoAbramovsky, Laura; Attanasio, Orazio; Phillips, David
2016A time of revolution? British local government finance in the 2010sSmith, Neil Amin; Phillips, David; Simpson, Polly; Eiser, David; Trickey, Michael
2016Brexit and the UK's public financesEmmerson, Carl; Johnson, Paul; Mitchell, Ian; Phillips, David
2016Welsh budgetary trade-offs to 2019-2020Phillips, David; Simpson, Polly
2016Scotland's fiscal framework: Assessing the agreementBell, David N. F.; Eiser, David; Phillips, David
2017Updating and critiquing HMRC's analysis of the UK's 50% top marginal rate of taxBrowne, James; Phillips, David
2017Estimating the size and nature of responses to changes in income tax rates on top incomes in the UK: A panel analysisBrowne, James; Phillips, David
2017Frictions and taxpayer responses: Evidence from bunching at personal tax thresholdsAdam, Stuart; Browne, James; Phillips, David; Roantree, Barra
2017National standards, local risks: The geography of local authority funded social care, 2009-2010 to 2015-2016Phillips, David; Simpson, Polly
2017The local vantage: How views of local government finance vary across councilsAmin-Smith, Neil; Choo, Mark; Phillips, David; Glover, Jennifer; Lucas, Lauren; Goldsworthy, Julia; Jones, Nick
2018Redistribution via VAT and cash transfers: An assessment in four low and middle income countriesHarris, Tom; Phillips, David; Warwick, Ross; Goldman, Maya; Jellema, Jon; Goraus-Tanska, Karolina; Inchauste, Gabriela
2018The Fair Funding Review: Is a fair assessment of councils' spending needs feasible?Phillips, David; Harris, Tom
2018Spending needs, tax revenue capacity and the business rates retention schemeAmin-Smith, Neil; Phillips, David; Simpson, Polly