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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1991 Zehn Gebote für Finanzausgleichsverfahren und ihre ImplikationenBuhl, Hans Ulrich; Pfingsten, Andreas
1992 Endowment Changes in Economic Equilibrium: The Dutch Disease RevisitedPfingsten, Andreas; Wolff, Reiner
1992 Zur arbitragefreien Fortrechnung von Zinsstruktur-KurvenMarusev, Alfred M.; Pfingsten, Andreas
1993 Specific Input in Competitive Equilibria with Decreasing Returns to ScalePfingsten, Andreas; Wolff, Reiner
1993 Adverse Rybczynski Effects Generated from Scale DiseconomiesPfingsten, Andreas; Wolff, Reiner
2005 Do banks diversify loan portfolios? A tentative answer based on individual bank loan portfoliosKamp, Andreas; Pfingsten, Andreas; Porath, Daniel
2007 Diversification and the banks' risk-return-characteristics: evidence from loan portfolios of German banksBehr, Andreas; Kamp, Andreas; Memmel, Christoph; Pfingsten, Andreas
2007 Wider den RegulierungsreflexPfingsten, Andreas
2009 Das Sub-Prime-Virus: Ursachen und Folgen der FinanzkrisePfingsten, Andreas
2009 Determinants for using visible reserves in German banks: an empirical studyBornemann, Sven; Homölle, Susanne; Hubensack, Carsten; Kick, Thomas; Pfingsten, Andreas
2010 Do specialization benefits outweigh concentration risks in credit portfolios of German banks?Böve, Rolf; Düllmann, Klaus; Pfingsten, Andreas
2010 Are banks using hidden reserves to beat earnings benchmarks? Evidence from GermanyBornemann, Sven; Kick, Thomas; Memmel, Christoph; Pfingsten, Andreas
2010 Bank Lines of Credit in Liquidity Management - The Impact of Recall Risk for German SMEsSchertler, Andrea; Pfingsten, Andreas; Hubensack, Carsten
2010 Leerverkäufe: Nur Teufelszeug?Pfingsten, Andreas
2011 The importance of qualitative risk assessment in banking supervision before and during the crisisKick, Thomas; Pfingsten, Andreas
2013 Banks' concentration versus diversification in the loan portfolio: New evidence from GermanyJahn, Nadya; Memmel, Christoph; Pfingsten, Andreas
2014 Loan loss provisioning and procyclicality: Evidence from an expected loss modelDomikowsky, Christian; Bornemann, Sven; Duellmann, Klaus; Pfingsten, Andreas
2014 Earnings baths by bank CEOs during turnoversBornemann, Sven; Pfingsten, Andreas; Kick, Thomas; Schertler, Andrea
2016 The recovery rate for retail and commercial customers in Germany: a look at collateral and its adjusted market valuesIngermann, Peter-Hendrik; Hesse, Frederik; Bélorgey, Christian; Pfingsten, Andreas
2016 Warum die Politik Risiken ignoriert: StaatsanleihenPfingsten, Andreas