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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Options to QuitPfann, Gerard A.
2000 Worker Separations in a Nonstationary Corporate EnvironmentDohmen, Thomas J.; Pfann, Gerard A.
2001 The Value of Pain ReliefFurnée, Carina; Kemler, Marius; Pfann, Gerard A.
2001 Social Capital and the Uncertainty Reduction of Self-EmploymentBlumberg, Boris F.; Pfann, Gerard A.
2001 DownsizingPfann, Gerard A.
2001 Two-Sided Learning, Labor Turnover and Worker DisplacementPfann, Gerard A.; Hamermesh, Daniel S.
2002 Survival in a Concentrating Industry: The Case of Daily Newspapers in the Netherlandsvan Kranenburg, Hans L.; Palm, Franz; Pfann, Gerard A.
2002 Tax Policy, Location Choices, and Market StructurePfann, Gerard A.; van Kranenburg, Hans
2003 Monkey Bars and Ladders: The Importance of Lateral and Vertical Job Mobility in Internal Labor Market CareersDohmen, Thomas J.; Kriechel, Ben; Pfann, Gerard A.
2004 Non-Linearities in the Expansion of Capital StockPfann, Gerard A.; Letterie, Wilko; Verick, Sher
2009 Markets for reputation: evidence on quality and quantity in academeHamermesh, Daniel S.; Pfann, Gerard A.
2010 Sequentiality versus simultaneity: Interrelated factor demandAsphjell, Magne Krogstad; Letterie, Wilko; Nilsen, Øivind Anti; Pfann, Gerard A.
2011 Workforce reorganization and the workerKriechel, Ben; Pfann, Gerard A.
2011 A decade of editing the European economic reviewEckstein, Zvi; Gal-Or, Esther; Gylfason, Thorvaldur; von Hagen, Jürgen; Pfann, Gerard A.
2013 Parental Investment and the Intergenerational Transmission of Economic Preferences and AttitudesZumbühl, Maria; Dohmen, Thomas; Pfann, Gerard A.
2015 Dismissal Disputes and Endogenous SortingGaribaldi, Pietro; Pfann, Gerard A.
2015 Roads Leading to Self-Employment: Comparing Transgenerational Entrepreneurs and Self-Made Start-UpsBlumberg, Boris F.; Pfann, Gerard A.
2015 Dismissal Disputes and Endogenous SortingGaribaldi, Pietro; Pfann, Gerard A.
2018 The Effects of Supply Shocks in the Market for Apprenticeships: Evidence from a German High School ReformMühlemann, Samuel; Pfann, Gerard A.; Pfeifer, Harald; Dietrich, Hans
2020 Parental involvement and the intergenerational transmission of economic preferences, attitude and personality traitsZumbuehl, Maria; Dohmen, Thomas; Pfann, Gerard A.