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2016 Cross-Border Parcel Delivery Prices: Intuitions drawn from the world of telecommunicationsMarcus, J. Scott; Petropoulos, Georgios
2016 Providing efficient network access to green power generators: A long-term property rights perspectivePetropoulos, Georgios; Willems, Bert
2016 Challenging prospects for roam like at homePetropoulos, Georgios; Marcus, J. Scott
2016 E-commerce in Europe: Parcel delivery prices in a digital single marketMarcus, J. Scott; Petropoulos, Georgios
2017 An economic review of the collaborative economyPetropoulos, Georgios
2017 Strengthening e‐commerce in the Asia‐Pacific region: Opportunities and challengesMarcus, J. Scott; Petropoulos, Georgios; Jitsuzumi, Toshiya
2017 Incentives for investment in fast broadband: How much can be expected from the proposed European Code?Marcus, J. Scott; Bocarova, Veronica; Petropoulos, Georgios
2017 Collaborative Economy: Market Design and Basic Regulatory PrinciplesPetropoulos, Georgios
2018 Is data the new oil? Diminishing returns to scaleArnold, René; Marcus, J. Scott; Petropoulos, Georgios; Schneider, Anna
2018 The impact of industrial robots on EU employment and wages: A local labour market approachChiacchio, Francesco; Petropoulos, Georgios; Pichler, David
2020 Occupational change, artificial intelligence and the geography of EU labour marketsBrekelmans, Sybrand; Petropoulos, Georgios
2020 Digital platforms and antitrustParker, Geoffrey; Petropoulos, Georgios; Marshall van Alstyne
2021 Automation, COVID-19, and labor marketsPetropoulos, Georgios
2021 Towards efficient information sharing in network marketsMartens, Bertin; Parker, Geoffrey; Petropoulos, Georgios; Van Alstyne, Marshall
2021 Stability of collusion and quality differentiation: A Nash bargaining approachAthanasopoulos, Thanos; Dindaroglu, Burak; Petropoulos, Georgios
2021 Platform mergers and antitrustParker, Geoffrey; Petropoulos, Georgios; Marshall van Alstyne