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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1991 Education and Poverty TrapBarham, Vicky; Marchand, Maurice; Pestieau, Pierre
1992 How Fair is the Distribution of Private Pension Benefits?Pestieau, Pierre
1992 Towards a Theory of the Direct-Indirect Tax MixBoadway, Robin; Marchand, Maurice; Pestieau, Pierre
1994 Retirement and Growing Old: Which Model of Protection?Delhausse, Bernard; Perelman, Sergio; Pestieau, Pierre
2000 The Political Economy of Social SecurityCasamatta, Georges; Cremer, Helmuth; Pestieau, Pierre
2001 Are We Retiring too Early?Pestieau, Pierre
2002 Social Security, Retirement Age and Optimal Income TaxationCremer, Helmuth; Lozachmeur, Jean-Marie; Pestieau, Pierre
2002 Indirect Taxation and Redistribution: The Scope of the Atkinson-Stiglitz TheoremBoadway, Robin; Pestieau, Pierre
2002 Social Insurance and RedistributionBoadway, Robin; Leite-Monteiro, Manuel; Marchand, Maurice; Pestieau, Pierre
2003 Wealth Transfer Taxation: A SurveyCremer, Helmuth; Pestieau, Pierre
2003 Wealth transfer taxation: a surveyCremer, Helmuth; Pestieau, Pierre
2003 Micro-Simulation of Social Security Reforms in BelgiumDesmet, Raphaël; Jousten, Alain; Perelman, Sergio; Pestieau, Pierre
2005 Social Security in Belgium : Distributive OutcomesJousten, Alain; Lefèbvre, Mathieu; Perelman, Sergio; Pestieau, Pierre
2006 Estate taxation with both accidental and planned bequestsPestieau, Pierre; Sato, Motohiro
2006 Tagging and Redistributive TaxationBoadway, Robin; Pestieau, Pierre
2006 Optimal accumulation in an endogenous growth setting with human capitalDocquier, Frédéric; Paddison, Oliver; Pestieau, Pierre
2007 Income taxation of couples and the tax unit choiceCremer, Helmuth; Lozachmeur, Jean-Marie; Pestieau, Pierre
2008 Forced saving, redistribution and nonlinear social security schemesCremer, Helmuth; de Donder, Philippe; Maldonado, Darío; Pestieau, Pierre
2008 Habit formation and labor supplyCremer, Helmuth; de Donder, Philippe; Maldonado, Darío; Pestieau, Pierre
2008 Taxing sin goods and subsidizing health careCremer, Helmuth; de Donder, Philippe; Maldonado, Darío; Pestieau, Pierre