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2006 Trade and Race-to-the-bottom Wage CompetitionPersyn, Damiaan
2008 Trade as a Wage Disciplining DevicePersyn, Damiaan
2008 Zin of onzin van structurele lastenverminderingen?Konings, Jozef; Persyn, Damiaan
2008 Trade as a wage disciplining devicePersyn, Damiaan
2009 Globalisation, concentration and footloose firms: in search of the main cause of the declining labour shareHutchinson, John; Persyn, Damiaan
2009 Union wage demands with footloose firmsPersyn, Damiaan
2010 Belgian Beers: Where History meets GlobalizationPersyn, Damiaan; Swinnen, Johan F. M.; Vanormelingen, Stijn
2012 Modelling Migration and Regional Labour Markets: An Application of New Economic Geography Model RhomoloKancs, D'artis; Lopez-Bazo, Enrique; Manca, Fabio; Persyn, Damiaan
2013 A gravity equation for commutingPersyn, Damiaan; Torfs, Wouter
2013 Modelling Migration and Regional Labour Markets: An Application of the New Economic Geography Model RHOMOLOKancs, d'Artis; Brandsma, Andries; Persyn, Damiaan
2014 What type of FDI is attracted by bilateral investment treaties?Colen, Liesbeth; Persyn, Damiaan; Guariso, Andrea
2018 The impact of Cohesion Policy 2007-2015 in EU regions: Simulations with the RHOMOLO Interregional Dynamic General Equilibrium ModelDi Comite, Francesco; Lecca, Patrizio; Monfort, Philippe; Persyn, Damiaan; Piculescu, Violeta
2019 Welfare Gains from the Variety GrowthKancs, d'Artis; Persyn, Damiaan
2019 Estimating road transport costs between EU regionsPersyn, Damiaan; Diaz-Lanchas, Jorge; Barbero, Javier
2020 Spatial aggregation bias in wage curve and NAWRU estimationPersyn, Damiaan
2020 Estimating foreign and national trade elasticities in the EU internal market using generalised transport costsZofío, José L.; Díaz-Lanchas, Jorge; Persyn, Damiaan; Barbero, Javier
2021 Do cohesion funds foster regional trade integration? A structural gravity analysis for the EU regionsShevtsova, Yevgeniya; Díaz-Lanchas, Jorge; Persyn, Damiaan; Mandras, Giovanni