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2003 Competition, cultural autonomy and global governance: The audio-visual sector in GermanyPerino, Grischa; Schulze, Günther G.
2006 The Merits of New Pollutants and How to Get Them When Patents Are GrantedPerino, Grischa
2006 Innovation Without Magic Bullets: Stock Pollution and R&D SequencesGoeschl, Timo; Perino, Grischa
2007 On Backstops and Boomerangs: Environmental R&D under Technological UncertaintyGoeschl, Timo; Perino, Grischa
2008 How Delegation Improves CommitmentPerino, Grischa
2008 The Design of Permit Schemes and Environmental InnovationPerino, Grischa
2012 Does more stringent environmental regulation induce or reduce technology adoption? When the rate of technology adoption is inverted u-shapedPerino, Grischa; Requate, Till
2015 The Climate Policy Hold-Up: Green Technologies,Intellectual Property Rights, and the Abatement Incentives of International AgreementsGoeschl, Timo; Perino, Grischa
2015 Do Renewable Energy Policies Reduce Carbon Emissions? On Caps and Intra-Jurisdictional LeakagePerino, Grischa; Jarke, Johannes
2015 The Ranking Measure of Life Satisfaction: A Constructive CritiqueKöke, Sonja; Perino, Grischa
2019 Das Flexcap – eine innovative CO₂-Bepreisung für DeutschlandTraeger, Christian; Perino, Grischa; Pittel, Karen; Requate, Till; Schmitt, Alex
2020 The Flexcap – An Innovative CO2 Pricing Method for GermanyTraeger, Christian; Perino, Grischa; Pittel, Karen; Requate, Till; Schmitt, Alex