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1994Retirement and Growing Old: Which Model of Protection?Delhausse, Bernard; Perelman, Sergio; Pestieau, Pierre
2001The Matching Efficiency of Regional Labour Markets A Stochastic Production Frontier Estimation, France 1990-1995Ibourk, Aomar; Maillard, Bénédicte; Perelman, Sergio; Sneessens, Henri R.
2003Micro-Simulation of Social Security Reforms in BelgiumDesmet, Raphaël; Jousten, Alain; Perelman, Sergio; Pestieau, Pierre
2005The benefits of separating early retirees from the unemployed: simulation results for Belgian wage earnersDesmet, Raphaël; Jousten, Alain; Perelman, Sergio
2005Social Security in Belgium : Distributive OutcomesJousten, Alain; Lefèbvre, Mathieu; Perelman, Sergio; Pestieau, Pierre
2013Health Status, Disability and Retirement Incentives in BelgiumJousten, Alain; Lefèbvre, Mathieu; Perelman, Sergio
2015A bird's eye view on 20 years of tax-benefit reforms in BelgiumDecoster, André; Perelman, Sergio; Vandelannoote, Dieter; Vanheukelom, Toon; Verbist, Gerlinde
2016Old-age employment and hours of work trends: Empirical analysis for four European countriesAliaj, Arjeta; Flawinne, Xavier; Jousten, Alain; Perelman, Sergio; Shi, Lin
2016Old‐Age Employment and Hours of Work Trends: Empirical Analysis for Four European CountriesAliaj, Arjeta; Flawinne, Xavier; Jousten, Alain; Perelman, Sergio; Shi, Lin
2020Populism and Social Polarization in European DemocraciesGinsburgh, Victor; Perelman, Sergio; Pestieau, Pierre
2022Nursing Homes and Mortality in Europe: Uncertain CausalityFlawinne, Xavier; Lefebvre, Mathieu; Perelman, Sergio; Pestieau, Pierre; Schoenmaeckers, Jerome