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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Earnings Inequality in International PerspectivePeracchi, Franco
2002 A cross-country comparison of survey nonparticipation in the ECHPNicoletti, Cheti; Peracchi, Franco
2004 The effects of income imputation on micro analyses: evidence from the ECHPNicoletti, Cheti; Peracchi, Franco
2007 Estimating income poverty in the presence of measurement error and missing data problemsNicoletti, Cheti; Peracchi, Franco; Foliano, Francesca
2009 Estimating Income Poverty in the Presence of Missing Data and Measurement ErrorNicoletti, Cheti; Peracchi, Franco; Foliano, Francesca
2013 Bibliometric Evaluation vs. Informed Peer Review: Evidence from ItalyBertocchi, Graziella; Gambardella, Alfonso; Jappelli, Tullio; Nappi, Carmela A.; Peracchi, Franco
2015 On the Ambiguous Consequences of Omitting VariablesDe Luca, Giuseppe; Magnus, Jan; Peracchi, Franco
2017 Weighted-Average Least Squares Estimation of Generalized Linear Modelsde Luca, Giuseppe; Magnus, Jan; Peracchi, Franco
2019 Decomposing Changes in the Distribution of Real Hourly Wages in the U.S.Fernández-Val, Iván; Peracchi, Franco; Vella, Francis; van Vuuren, Aico
2019 The intergenerational transmission of education. Evidence from the World War II cohorts in EuropeHavari, Enkelejda; Peracchi, Franco
2020 Sampling properties of the Bayesian posterior mean with an application to WALS estimationLuca, Giuseppe De; Magnus, Jan R.; Peracchi, Franco
2020 Hours Worked and the U.S. Distribution of Real Annual Earnings 1976–2016Fernández-Val, Iván; Peracchi, Franco; van Vuuren, Aico; Vella, Francis
2020 Are Older People Aware of Their Cognitive Decline? Misperception and Financial Decision MakingMazzonna, Fabrizio; Peracchi, Franco