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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Intangible Investment and Human Resources. The New WIFO Taxonomy of Manufacturing IndustriesPeneder, Michael
2001 What Follows Tertiarisation? Structural Change and the Role of Knowledge-based ServicesPeneder, Michael; Kaniovski, Serguei; Dachs, Bernhard
2001 On the Structural Dimension of Competitive StrategyKaniovski, Serguei; Peneder, Michael
2002 Industrial Structure and Aggregate GrowthPeneder, Michael
2004 Tracing Empirical Trails of Schumpeterian DevelopmentPeneder, Michael
2005 Creating Industry Classifications by Statistical Cluster AnalysisPeneder, Michael
2008 The Problem of Private Under-investment in Innovation: A Policy Mind MapPeneder, Michael
2009 The Meaning of Entrepreneurship: A Modular ConceptPeneder, Michael
2010 The Impact of Venture Capital on Innovation Behaviour and Firm GrowthPeneder, Michael
2010 Technological Regimes and the Variety of Innovation Behaviour. Creating Integrated Taxonomies of Firms and SectorsPeneder, Michael
2013 Competition, R&D and Innovation: Testing the Inverted-U in a Simultaneous SystemPeneder, Michael; Wörter, Martin
2014 Schumpeter and Venture Finance. Radical Theorist, Broke Investor and Enigmatic TeacherPeneder, Michael; Resch, Andreas
2014 Warum die Neue Industriepolitik die Deindustrialisierung beschleunigen wirdPeneder, Michael
2016 Creation and Adoption of Energy-related Innovations - the Main FactsArvanitis, Spyridon; Peneder, Michael; Rammer, Christian; Spescha, Andrin; Stucki, Tobias; Wörter, Martin
2016 Does energy policy hurt international competitiveness of firms? A comparative study for Germany, Switzerland and AustriaArvanitis, Spyros; Gottschalk, Sandra; Peneder, Michael; Rammer, Christian; Stucki, Tobias; Wörter, Martin
2016 De- versus Re-industrialisation: Is Structural Change Reversible?Peneder, Michael; Streicher, Gerhard
2016 Competitiveness and Industrial Policy: From Rationalities of Failure Towards the Ability to EvolvePeneder, Michael
2016 Competitiveness and ecological impacts of green energy technologies: Firm-level evidence for the DACH regionArvanitis, Spyridon; Peneder, Michael; Rammer, Christian; Stucki, Tobias; Wörter, Martin
2016 The adoption of green energy technologies: The role of policies in an international comparisonArvanitis, Spyridon; Peneder, Michael; Rammer, Christian; Stucki, Tobias; Wörter, Martin
2016 Development and utilization of energy-related technologies, economic performance and the role of policy instrumentsArvanitis, Spyros; Peneder, Michael; Rammer, Christian; Stucki, Tobias; Wörter, Martin