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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Gender wage discrimination in GaliciaPena-Boquete, Yolanda
2006 A Comparative Analysis of the Evolution of Gender Wage Discrimination: Spain Versus GaliciaPena-Boquete, Yolanda
2010 Macroeconomic consequences of gender discrimination: a preliminary approachFernandez, Melchor; Pena-Boquete, Yolanda
2011 Could gender wage discrimination explain regional differences in productivity?Pena-Boquete, Yolanda; Fernandez, Melchor
2011 Temporary Employment in Tourism Activities: Regional differences in SpainPerez-Dacal, Diana; Pena-Boquete, Yolanda
2013 A regional analysis of Tourism Specialization in SpainPerez-Dacal, Diana; Pena-Boquete, Yolanda
2013 Earnings returns to education, experience and health: Evidence from EU-SILCPena-Boquete, Yolanda; Flores, Manuel
2014 Household Asset Holding Diversification in AustraliaMariotti, Francesco; Mumford, Karen A.; Pena-Boquete, Yolanda
2015 Power-Couples and the Colocation Hypothesis RevisitedMariotti, Francesco; Mumford, Karen A.; Pena-Boquete, Yolanda
2017 Education, job insecurity and the within country migration of couplesMariotti, Francesco; Mumford, Karen; Pena-Boquete, Yolanda
2019 Healthy Childhood in Kazakhstan: underweight and overweightKurmanov, Bakhytzhan; Pena-Boquete, Yolanda; Samambayeva, Aizhan; Makhmejanov, Galym
2019 Labour Supply and Childcare: Allowing Both Parents to ChooseMumford, Karen A.; Parera-Nicolau, Antonia; Pena-Boquete, Yolanda