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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Employers' search and the efficiency of matchingPellizzari, Michele
2006 Welfare migration in Europe and the cost of a harmonised social assistanceDe Giorgi, Giacomo; Pellizzari, Michele
2007 Be as careful of the books you read as of the company you keep: evidence on peer effects in educational choicesDe Giorgi, Giacomo; Pellizzari, Michele; Redaelli, Silvia
2008 The younger, the better? Relative age effects at universityBillari, Francesco C.; Pellizzari, Michele
2009 Class size and class heterogeneityDe Giorgi, Giacomo; Pellizzari, Michele; Woolston, William Gui
2011 Evaluating students' evaluations of professorsBraga, Michela; Paccagnella, Marco; Pellizzari, Michele
2011 Understanding social interactions: Evidence from the classroomDe Giorgi, Giacomo; Pellizzari, Michele
2011 The use of welfare by migrants in ItalyPellizzari, Michele
2012 Moving to segregation: Evidence from 8 Italian citiesBoeri, Tito; de Philippis, Marta; Patacchini, Eleonora; Pellizzari, Michele
2014 The Academic and Labor Market Returns of University ProfessorsBraga, Michela; Paccagnella, Marco; Pellizzari, Michele
2015 Wage Compression within the FirmLeonardi, Marco; Pellizzari, Michele; Tabasso, Domenico
2015 E-skills Mismatch: Evidence from International Assessment of Adult CompetenciesPellizzari, Michele; Biagi, Federico; Brecko, Barbara
2017 A new measure of skill mismatch: Theory and evidence from PIAACPellizzari, Michele; Fichen, Anne
2019 Distance Learning in Higher Education: Evidence from a Randomized ExperimentCacault, M. Paula; Hildebrand, Christian; Laurent-Lucchetti, Jérémy; Pellizzari, Michele