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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014 Access to research inputs: Open science versus the entrepreneurial universityCzarnitzki, Dirk; Grimpe, Christoph; Pellens, Maikel
2016 Mapping the regional embeddedness of the NMP programme: Final report of the project "RTD-NMP-2014-Mapping"Anciaux, David; Neves, Eurico; van der Zee, Frans A.; van der Giessen, Annelieke; Rammer, Christian; Pellens, Maikel
2016 Changing of the guard: Structural change and corporate science in the semiconductor industryPellens, Maikel; Della Malva, Antonio
2017 Understanding the nature and impact of the business angels in funding research and innovation: Final reportAli, Sana; Berger, Marius; Botelho, Tiago; Duvy, Jean-Noël; Frencia, Chiara; Gluntz, Philippe; Delater, Aurélie; Licht, Georg; Losso, Jacopo; Pellens, Maikel
2017 Business angels: Crucial elements of the European financial ecosystemPellens, Maikel; Licht, Georg
2017 Guilt by association: How scientific misconduct harms prior collaboratorsHussinger, Katrin; Pellens, Maikel
2018 New perspectives in European innovation policyKrieger, Bastian; Licht, Georg; Pellens, Maikel
2018 Public investment in R&D in reaction to economic crises: A longitudinal study for OECD countriesPellens, Maikel; Peters, Bettina; Hud, Martin; Rammer, Christian; Licht, Georg
2019 Do companies benefit from public research organizations? The impact of the Fraunhofer Society in GermanyComin, Diego; Licht, Georg; Pellens, Maikel; Schubert, Torben