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1985 Private Enterprise vs. Government Control: An Organizationally Dynamic ComparisonPelikan, Pavel
1986 The Formation of Incentive Mechanisms in Different Economic SystemsPelikan, Pavel
1986 How Do New Technologies Fare under Different Institutional Rules?Pelikan, Pavel
1986 Institutions, Self-Organization, and Adaptive Efficiency: A Dynamic Assessment of Private EnterprisePelikan, Pavel
1988 Schumpeterian Efficiency of Different Economic SystemsPelikan, Pavel
1988 Economic Competence as a Scarce Resource: An Essay on the Limits of Neoclassical Economics and the Need for an Evolutionary TheoryPelikan, Pavel
1989 Evolution, Economic Competence, and the Market for Corporate ControlPelikan, Pavel
1989 Markets as Instruments of Evolution of StructuresPelikan, Pavel
1991 Efficient Institutions for Ownership and Allocation of CapitalPelikan, Pavel
1994 Competitions of Socio-Economic Institutions: In Search of the WinnersPelikan, Pavel
1997 Allocation of Economic Competence in Teams: A Comparative Institutional AnalysisPelikan, Pavel
1999 Institutions for the Selection of Entrepreneurs: Implications for Economic Growth and Financial CrisesPelikan, Pavel
2006 Markets vs. Government when Rationality is Unequally Bounded: Some Consequences of Cognitive Inequalities for Theory and PolicyPelikan, Pavel
2007 Public Choice with Unequally Rational IndividualsPelikan, Pavel
2008 How to generalize Darwinism suitably to help understand both the evolution and the development of economiesPelikan, Pavel