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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1996 Entry threat in DuopolyPeitz, Martin
2002 New Competition in Telecommunications Markets: Regulatory Pricing Principlesde Bijl, Paul; Peitz, Martin
2002 With A Little Help From My Enemy: Comparative AdvertisingBarigozzi, Francesca; Garella, Paolo; Peitz, Martin
2003 Piracy of Digital Products: A Critical Review of the Economics LiteraturePeitz, Martin; Waelbroeck, Patrick
2004 The Effect of Internet Piracy on CD Sales: Cross-Section EvidencePeitz, Martin; Waelbroeck, Patrick
2004 Selling reputation when going out of businessHakenes, Hendrik; Peitz, Martin
2004 Umbrella branding and the provision of qualityHakenes, Hendrik; Peitz, Martin
2004 An economists guide to digital musicPeitz, Martin; Waelbroeck, Patrick
2004 File-Sharing, Sampling, and Music DistributionPeitz, Martin; Waelbroeck, Patrick
2004 An Economist's Guide to Digital MusicPeitz, Martin; Waelbroeck, Patrick
2004 Platform OwnershipNocke, Volker; Peitz, Martin; Stahl, Konrad
2006 Umbrella Branding and the Provision of QualityHakenes, Hendrik; Peitz, Martin
2006 Observable Reputation TradingHakenes, Hendrik; Peitz, Martin
2006 Broadband Access in Europe: Challenges for Policy and Regulationde Bijl, Paul; Peitz, Martin
2008 Umbrella branding and external certificationHakenes, Hendrik; Peitz, Martin
2008 Selling Service Plans to Differentially Informed CustomersInderst, Roman; Peitz, Martin
2009 Indirect taxation in vertical oligopolyPeitz, Martin; Reisinger, Markus
2009 Asymmetric information and overinvestment in qualityBelleflamme, Paul; Peitz, Martin
2009 Indirect Taxation in Vertical OligopolyPeitz, Martin; Reisinger, Markus
2010 Digital piracy: TheoryBelleflamme, Paul; Peitz, Martin