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2007 Real-time effects of central bank interventions in the euro marketFatum, Rasmus; Pedersen, Jesper
2007 Real-time effects of central bank interventions in the Euro marketFatum, Rasmus; Pedersen, Jesper
2007 Real-Time Effects of Central Bank Interventions in the Euro MarketFatum, Rasmus; Pedersen, Jesper
2010 Are the intraday effects of central bank intervention on exchange rate spreads asymmetric and state dependent?Fatum, Rasmus; Pedersen, Jesper; Sørensen, Peter Norman
2013 What drives the business cycle in a small open economy? Evidence from an estimated DSGE Model of the Danish economyPedersen, Jesper; Ravn, Søren Hove
2014 A Taylor rule for fiscal policy in a fixed exchange rate regimePedersen, Jesper; Ravn, Søren Hove
2015 The Danish natural real rate of interest and secular stagnationPedersen, Jesper
2015 Market liquidity and market making: The case of fixed income and low interest ratesStrøm Kristoffersen, Mark; Pedersen, Jesper
2016 An estimated DSGE model for Denmark with housing, banking, and financial frictionsPedersen, Jesper
2017 What are the effects of changes in taxation and new types of mortgages on the real economy?: The case of Denmark during the 00'sPedersen, Jesper
2017 Financial cycles: What are they and what do they look like in Denmark?Grinderslev, Oliver Juhler; Kramp, Paul Lassenius; Kronborg, Anders Farver; Pedersen, Jesper
2017 A cost-benefit analysis of capital requirements for the Danish economyMikkelsen, Jakob Guldbæk; Pedersen, Jesper
2018 Real and financial cycles in EU countries: Stylised facts and modelling implicationsRünstler, Gerhard; Balfoussia, Hiona; Burlon, Lorenzo; Buss, Ginters; Comunale, Mariarosaria; De Backer, Bruno; Dewachter, Hans; Guarda, Paolo; Haavio, Markus; Hindrayanto, Irma; Iskrev, Nikolai Ivanov; Jaccard, Ivan; Kulikov, Dmitry; Kunovac, Davor; Lenarcic, Crt; Lequien, Matthieu; Lozej, Matija; Mandler, Martin; Papageorgiou, Dimitris; Pedersen, Jesper; Perez-Quiros, Gabriel; Rannenberg, Ansgar; Rots, Eyno; Scharnagl, Michael; Welz, Peter
2019 Macro financial linkages in a SVAR model with application to DenmarkJensen, Jakob Roager; Pedersen, Jesper