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2007 Real-time effects of central bank interventions in the euro marketFatum, Rasmus; Pedersen, Jesper
2007 Real-Time Effects of Central Bank Interventions in the Euro MarketFatum, Rasmus; Pedersen, Jesper
2007 Real-time effects of central bank interventions in the Euro marketFatum, Rasmus; Pedersen, Jesper
2009 Essays on macro-finance and monetary policyPedersen, Jesper
2010 Are the intraday effects of central bank intervention on exchange rate spreads asymmetric and state dependent?Fatum, Rasmus; Pedersen, Jesper; Sørensen, Peter Norman
2013 What drives the business cycle in a small open economy? Evidence from an estimated DSGE Model of the Danish economyPedersen, Jesper; Ravn, Søren Hove
2014 A Taylor rule for fiscal policy in a fixed exchange rate regimePedersen, Jesper; Ravn, Søren Hove
2015 The Danish natural real rate of interest and secular stagnationPedersen, Jesper
2015 Market liquidity and market making: The case of fixed income and low interest ratesStrøm Kristoffersen, Mark; Pedersen, Jesper
2016 An estimated DSGE model for Denmark with housing, banking, and financial frictionsPedersen, Jesper
2017 A cost-benefit analysis of capital requirements for the Danish economyMikkelsen, Jakob Guldbæk; Pedersen, Jesper
2017 What are the effects of changes in taxation and new types of mortgages on the real economy?: The case of Denmark during the 00'sPedersen, Jesper
2017 Financial cycles: What are they and what do they look like in Denmark?Grinderslev, Oliver Juhler; Kramp, Paul Lassenius; Kronborg, Anders Farver; Pedersen, Jesper
2018 Real and financial cycles in EU countries: Stylised facts and modelling implicationsRünstler, Gerhard; Balfoussia, Hiona; Burlon, Lorenzo; Buss, Ginters; Comunale, Mariarosaria; De Backer, Bruno; Dewachter, Hans; Guarda, Paolo; Haavio, Markus; Hindrayanto, Irma; Iskrev, Nikolai Ivanov; Jaccard, Ivan; Kulikov, Dmitry; Kunovac, Davor; Lenarcic, Crt; Lequien, Matthieu; Lozej, Matija; Mandler, Martin; Papageorgiou, Dimitris; Pedersen, Jesper; Perez-Quiros, Gabriel; Rannenberg, Ansgar; Rots, Eyno; Scharnagl, Michael; Welz, Peter
2019 Macro financial linkages in a SVAR model with application to DenmarkJensen, Jakob Roager; Pedersen, Jesper
2020 How does COVID-19 affect r*?Adolfsen, Jakob Feveile; Rasmussen, Thea Thalia Iuel; Pedersen, Jesper
2020 Uncertainty and the real economy: Evidence from DenmarkBess, Mikkel; Grenestam, Erik; Tang-Andersen Martinello, Alessandro; Pedersen, Jesper
2021 Detecting turning points in the Danish economy in real timePedersen, Jesper