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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014 Proposal for a global framework for climate action to engage non-state and subnational stakeholders in the future climate regimeChan, Sander; Pauw, Pieter
2014 关于有区别的责任的不同观点 国际谈判中有关共同但有区别的责任概念的最新评述Pauw, Pieter; Bauer, Steffen; Richerzhagen, Carmen; Brandi, Clara; Schmole, Hanna
2014 Different perspectives on differentiated responsibilities: a state-of-the-art review of the notion of common but differentiated responsibilities in international negotiationsPauw, Pieter; Brandi, Clara; Richerzhagen, Carmen; Bauer, Steffen; Schmole, Hanna
2014 A global framework for climate action: orchestrating non-state and subnational initiatives for more effective global climate governanceChan, Sander; Pauw, Pieter
2015 Can the tourism industry contribute to international adaptation finance?Hess, Janto S.; Pauw, Pieter; Papyrakis, Elissaios
2015 EU climate leadership: five building blocks for ambitious actionBrandi, Clara; Bauer, Steffen; Pauw, Pieter; Chan, Sander; Mathis, Okka Lou
2016 Self-differentiation of countries’ responsibilities: addressing climate change through intended nationally determined contributionsMbeva, Kennedy Liti; Pauw, Pieter
2016 Private finance for climate-change adaptation: challenges and opportunities for KenyaPauw, Pieter; Dzebo, Adis
2017 Private Anpassungsfinanzierung: Herausforderungen und Chancen in KeniaPauw, Pieter; Dzebo, Adis