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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 Environmental Tax Reform and Double DividendPatuelli, Roberto; Pels, Eric; Nijkamp, Peter
2004 Complex Network Phenomena in Telecommunication SystemsSchintler, Laura A.; Gorman, Sean P.; Reggiani, Aura; Patuelli, Roberto; Gillespie, Andy; Nijkamp, Peter; Rutherford, Jonathan
2006 New Neural Network Methods for Forecasting Regional Employment: An Analysis of German Labour MarketsPatuelli, Roberto; Reggiani, Aura; Nijkamp, Peter; Blien, Uwe
2006 The Use of Spatial Filtering Techniques: The Spatial and Space-time Structure of German Unemployment DataPatuelli, Roberto; Griffith, Daniel A.; Tiefelsdorf, Michael; Nijkamp, Peter
2008 Knowledge Production in Nanomaterials: An Application of Spatial Filtering to Regional Systems of InnovationPatuelli, Roberto; Grimpe, Christoph
2011 Persistence of regional unemployment: Application of a spatial filtering approach to local labour markets in GermanyPatuelli, Roberto; Schanne, Norbert; Griffith, Daniel A.; Nijkamp, Peter
2011 Does the Support of Innovative Clusters Sustainably Foster R&D Activity? Evidence from the German BioRegio and BioProfile ContestsEngel, Dirk; Mitze, Timo; Patuelli, Roberto; Reinkowski, Janina
2011 The Influence of Role Models on Immigrant Self-Employment: A Spatial Analysis for SwitzerlandGuerra, Giuliano; Patuelli, Roberto
2011 Persistence of Regional Unemployment: Application of a Spatial Filtering Approach to Local Labour Markets in GermanyPatuelli, Roberto; Schanne, Norbert; Griffith, Daniel A.; Nijkamp, Peter
2011 Regional Unemployment in the EU before and after the Global CrisisMarelli, Enrico P.; Patuelli, Roberto; Signorelli, Marcello
2011 Continuous-Time Modelling with Spatial DependenceOud, Johan H.L.; Folmer, Henk; Patuelli, Roberto; Nijkamp, Peter
2012 Ethnic Concentration, Cultural Identity and Immigrant Self-Employment in SwitzerlandGuerra, Giuliano; Patuelli, Roberto; Maggi, Rico
2012 Event Clustering and Abnormal Returns: Reassessing the Informational Value of BetsCastellani, Massimiliano; Pattitoni, Pierpaolo; Patuelli, Roberto
2012 The Role of Job Satisfaction in Transitions into Self-EmploymentGuerra, Giuliano; Patuelli, Roberto
2012 Short-Run Regional Forecasts: Spatial Models through Varying Cross-Sectional and Temporal DimensionsMayor-Fernández, Matías; Patuelli, Roberto
2012 The Effects of World Heritage Sites on Domestic Tourism: A Spatial Interaction Model for ItalyPatuelli, Roberto; Mussoni, Maurizio; Candela, Guido
2012 Self-Financing of Traditional and R&D Investments: Evidence from Italian SMEsBrighi, Paola; Patuelli, Roberto; Torluccio, Giuseppe
2012 Does Cluster Policy Trigger R&D Activity? – Evidence from German Biotech ContestsEngel, Dirk; Mitze, Timo; Patuelli, Roberto; Reinkowski, Janina
2013 Spatial Panel Data Forecasting over Different Horizons, Cross-Sectional and Temporal DimensionsMayor, Matías; Patuelli, Roberto
2013 Regional age structure, human capital and innovation: Is demographic ageing increasing regional disparities?Gregory, Terry; Patuelli, Roberto