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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000Regional Unemployment and Industrial Restructuring in PolandNewell, Andrew; Pastore, Francesco
2004Factor Endowment and Market Size in EU-CEE Trade. Would Human Capital Change the Actual Quality Trade Patterns?Ferragina, Anna Maria; Pastore, Francesco
2004The Distribution of Wages in BelarusVerashchagina, Alina; Pastore, Francesco
2004Private Returns to Human Capital over Transition : A Case Study of BelarusPastore, Francesco; Verashchagina, Alina
2005A tale of parallel integration processes: a gravity analysis of EU trade with Mediterranean and Central and Eastern European countriesFerragina, Anna; Giovannetti, Giorgia; Pastore, Francesco
2005Mind the gap: unemployment in the new EU regionsFerragina, Anna Maria; Pastore, Francesco
2005To study or to work? Education and labour market participation of young people in PolandPastore, Francesco
2006Relational goods, monitoring and non-pecuniary compensations in the nonprofit sector: the case of the Italian social servicesMosca, Michele; Musella, Marco; Pastore, Francesco
2007A new regional geography of Europe? The labour market impact of the EU enlargementsCaroleo, Floro Ernesto; Pastore, Francesco
2007When does transition increase the gender wage gap? An application to BelarusPastore, Francesco; Verashchagina, Alina
2007Employment and education policy for young people in the EU: what can new member states learn from old member states?Pastore, Francesco
2008The determinants of female labour supply in BelarusPastore, Francesco; Verashchagina, Alina
2008Wage effects of recruitment methods: the case of the Italian social service sectorMosca, Michele; Pastore, Francesco
2009The gender gap in early career in MongoliaPastore, Francesco
2010Assessing the impact of incomes policy: The italian experiencePastore, Francesco
2011Sectoral shifts, diversification and regional unemployment: Evidence from local labour systems in ItalyBasile, Roberto; Girardi, Alessandro; Mantuano, Marianna; Pastore, Francesco
2011Talking about the pigou paradox: Socio-educational background and educational outcomes of AlmaLaureaCaroleo, Floro Ernesto; Pastore, Francesco
2011Sectoral Shifts, Diversification and Regional Unemployment. Evidence From Local Labour Systems in ItalyBasile, Roberto; Girardi, Alessandro; Mantuano, Marianna; Pastore, Francesco
2012Is there a southern-sclerosis? Worker reallocation and regional unemployment in ItalyMussida, Chiara; Pastore, Francesco
2012Delayed graduation and overeducation: A test of the human capital model versus the screening hypothesisAina, Carmen; Pastore, Francesco