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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 Ongoing Changes in the Business Cycle - Evidence and CausesDalsgaard, Thomas; Elmeskov, Jørgen; Park, Cyn-Young
2002 New Economy and the Effects of Industrial Structures on International Equity Market CorrelationsPark, Cyn-Young; Woo, Jaejoon
2007 Can East Asia Weather a US Slowdown?Park, Cyn-Young
2009 Emerging Asia: Decoupling or RecouplingKim, Soyoung; Lee, Jong-Wha; Park, Cyn-Young
2009 Beyond the Crisis: Financial Regulatory Reform in Emerging AsiaLee, Chee Sung; Park, Cyn-Young
2010 The 2008 Financial Crisis and Potential Output in Asia: Impact and Policy ImplicationsPark, Cyn-Young; Majuca, Ruperto; Yap, Josef
2010 Asia’s Contribution to Global RebalancingAdams, Charles; Jeong, Hoe Yun; Park, Cyn-Young
2010 Global Financial Regulatory Reforms:Implications for Developing AsiaArner, Douglas W.; Park, Cyn-Young
2010 The 2008 Financial Crisis and Potential Output in Asia: Impact and Policy ImplicationsYap, Josef T.; Majuca, Ruperto P.; Park, Cyn-Young
2011 Asian Financial System: Development and ChallengesPark, Cyn-Young
2011 What Drives Different Types of Capital Flows and Their Volatilities in Developing Asia?Mercado, Rogelio; Park, Cyn-Young
2011 Financial Integration in Emerging Asia: Challenges and ProspectsPark, Cyn-Young; Lee, Jong-Wha
2012 Assessing Factors Affecting M&As versus Greenfield FDI in Emerging CountriesByun, Hyung-Suk; Lee, Hyun-Hoon; Park, Cyn-Young
2013 Food Prices and Population Health in Developing Countries: An Investigation of the Effects of the Food Crisis Using a Panel AnalysisLee, Suejin; Lim, Jae-Young; Lee, Hyun-Hoon; Park, Cyn-Young
2013 Examining the Determinants of Food Prices in Developing AsiaHuh , Hyeon-seung; Park, Cyn-Young
2013 International Transmission of Food Prices and Volatilities: A Panel AnalysisLee , Hyun-Hoon; Park, Cyn-Young
2013 A Factor-Augmented Vector Autoregression Analysis of Business Cycle Synchronization in East Asia and Implications for a Regional Currency UnionHuh, Hyeon-seung; Kim, David; Kim, Won Joong; Park, Cyn-Young
2013 Asian Capital Market Integration: Theory and EvidencePark, Cyn-Young
2014 Equity Home Bias, Financial Integration, and Regulatory Reforms: Implications for Emerging AsiaPark, Cyn-Young; Mercado, Rogelio V.
2015 Financial Inclusion, Poverty, and Income Inequality in Developing AsiaPark, Cyn-Young; Mercado, Rogelio