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2014Access to Modern Energy: a Review of Impact EvaluationsBonan, Jacopo; Pareglio, Stefano; Tavoni, Massimo
2016Access to Modern Energy: a Review of Barriers, Drivers and ImpactsBonan, Jacopo; Pareglio, Stefano; Tavoni, Massimo
2017Social Interaction and Technology Adoption: Experimental Evidence from Improved Cookstoves in MaliBonan, Jacopo; Battiston, Pietro; Bleck, Jaimie; LeMay-Boucher, Philippe; Pareglio, Stefano; Sarr, Bassirou; Tavoni, Massimo
2017A Spatial Econometric Analysis of Land Use Efficiency in Large and Small MunicipalitiesGuastella, Gianni; Pareglio, Stefano; Sckokai, Paolo
2018Periurban Agriculture: do the Current EU Agri-environmental Policy Programmes Fit with it?Arata, Linda; Guastella, Gianni; Pareglio, Stefano; Scarpa, Riccardo; Sckokai, Paolo
2019Governance fragmentation and urban spatial expansion: Evidence from Europe and the United StatesBeghelli, Silvia; Guastella, Gianni; Pareglio, Stefano
2020Institutional Fragmentation and Urbanisation in the EU CitiesCappelli, Federica; Guastella, Gianni; Pareglio, Stefano
2021Carbon Boards and Transition Risk: Explicit and Implicit exposure implications for Total Stock Returns and Dividend PayoutsMazzarano, Matteo; Guastella, Gianni; Pareglio, Stefano; Xepapadeas, Anastasios
2021Urban Sprawl and Air Quality in European Cities: an Empirical AssessmentCappelli, Federica; Guastella, Gianni; Pareglio, Stefano
2022Adoption of Eco and Circular Economy-Innovation in Italy: exploring different firm profilesMazzanti, Massimiliano; Nicolli, Francesco; Pareglio, Stefano; Quatrosi, Marco
2022Innovation, Circular economy practices and organisational settings: empirical evidence from ItalyAntonioli, Davide; Ghisetti, Claudia; Pareglio, Stefano; Quatrosi, Marco