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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1982 The efficiency of public support to private charity: An econometric analysis of the income tax treatment of charitablePaqué, Karl-Heinz
1982 Marktversagen bei Spenden: Einige Bemerkungen zur LiteraturPaqué, Karl-Heinz
1982 Do public transfers "crowd out" private charitable giving? Some econometric evidence for the Federal Republic of GermanyPaqué, Karl-Heinz
1983 Einige Bemerkungen zur Persönlichkeit Joseph A. SchumpetersPaqué, Karl-Heinz
1984 How far is Vienna from Chicago? An essay on the methodology of two schools of dogmatic liberalismPaqué, Karl-Heinz
1984 Tax expenditures versus direct government spending: A comparative efficiency analysisPaqué, Karl-Heinz
1987 Labour surplus and capital shortage: German unemployment in the first decade after the currency reformPaqué, Karl-Heinz
1988 The mixed blessing of labour shortage: German overemployment in the 1960'sPaqué, Karl-Heinz
1989 Wage gaps, hysteresis and structural unemployment: The West German labour market in the seventies and eightiesPaqué, Karl-Heinz
1989 Micro-macro links in West Germany's unemploymentPaqué, Karl-Heinz
1989 Is structural unemployment a negligible problem? A critical note on the use of mismatch indicesPaqué, Karl-Heinz
1990 Unemployment in West Germany: A survey of explanations and policy optionsPaqué, Karl-Heinz
1991 Structural wage rigidity in West Germany 1950-1989: Some new econometric evidencePaqué, Karl-Heinz
1992 Measuring structural unemployment: Some neglected issuesPaqué, Karl-Heinz
1993 Challenges ahead: Long-term perspectives of the German economyPaqué, Karl-Heinz; Soltwedel, Rüdiger; Schmieding, Holger; Hiemenz, Ulrich; Langhammer, Rolf J.; Klodt, Henning; Schrader, Jörg-Volker; Scheide, Joachim; Horn, Ernst-Jürgen; Paqué, Karl-Heinz; Boss, Alfred; Schmidt, Rainer; Neu, Axel D.; Böhme, Hans; Laaser, Claus-Friedrich
1993 How clean was the slate? Some notes on the Olsonian view of the postwar German economic miraclePaqué, Karl-Heinz
1993 East-West-wage rigidity in united Germany: Causes and consequencesPaqué, Karl-Heinz
1993 Am Tiefpunkt der Transformationskrise: Industrie- und lohnpolitische Weichenstellungen in den jungen BundesländernKlodt, Henning; Paqué, Karl-Heinz
1994 Unemployment and the crisis of the German model: A long-term interpretationPaqué, Karl-Heinz
1995 The case for technology policy: A tentative evaluationPaqué, Karl-Heinz