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2010 Has Stock Markets' Reaction to Terrorist Attacks Changed throughout Time? Comparative Evidence from a Large and a Small Capitalisation MarketKollias, Christos; Manou, Efthalia; Papadamou, Stephanos; Stagiannis, Apostolos
2010 Terrorism and Capital Markets: The Effects of the Istanbul BombingsChristofis, Nikos; Kollias, Christos; Papadamou, Stephanos; Stagiannis, Apostolos
2011 The Effects of Terrorism and War on the Oil and Prices Stock Indices RelationshipKollias, Christos; Kyrtsou, Catherine; Papadamou, Stephanos
2012 Rogue State Behavior and Markets: The Financial Fallout of North Korean Nuclear TestsKollias, Christos; Papadamou, Stephanos
2012 Terrorism Induced Cross-Market Transmission of Shocks: A Case Study Using Intraday DataKollias, Christos; Papadamou, Stephanos; Siriopoulos, Costas
2012 Terrorism and Market JittersKollias, Christos; Papadamou, Stephanos
2012 The effects of Monetary Policy shocks across the Greek RegionsAnagnostou, Ageliki; Papadamou, Stephanos
2013 European markets' reactions to exogenous shocks: A high frequency data analysis of the 2005 London bombingsKollias, Christos; Papadamou, Stephanos; Siriopoulos, Costas
2017 Japanese mutual funds before and after the crisis outburst: A style- and performance-analysisPapadamou, Stephanos; Kyriazis, Nikolaos A.; Mermigka, Lydia
2019 Spillover effects of US QE and QE tapering on African and Middle Eastern stock indicesPapadamou, Stephanos; Kyriazis, Nikolaos A.; Tzeremes, Panayiotis G.