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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 Overcoming a technological discontinuity: The case of the Finnish telecom industry and the GSMPalmberg, Christopher; Martikainen, Olli
2003 The economics of strategic R&D alliances: A review with focus on the ICT sectorPalmberg, Christopher; Martikainen, Olli
2004 The Finnish telecom sector facing next generation standards: Indigenous capabilities versus R&D alliancesPalmberg, Christopher; Martikainen, Olli
2004 The global dispersion of innovative activities: The case of Finnish multinationalsPalmberg, Christopher; Pajarinen, Mika
2005 Alliance capitalism and the internationalisation of Finnish firmsPalmberg, Christopher; Pajarinen, Mika
2005 Patents and technological change: A review with focus on the FEPOCI databaseNikulainen, Tuomo; Pajarinen, Mika; Palmberg, Christopher
2005 The specificities of Finnish industrial policy: Challenges and initiatives at the turn of the centuryYlä-Anttila, Pekka; Palmberg, Christopher
2005 Determinants of internationalisation through strategic alliances: Insights based on new data on large Finnish firmsPalmberg, Christopher; Pajarinen, Mika
2006 A case for non-globalization? The organisation of R&D in the wireless telecommunications industryMinin, Alberto di; Palmberg, Christopher
2006 Industrial renewal and growth through nanotechnology? An overview with focus on FinlandPalmberg, Christopher; Nikulainen, Tuomo
2007 Nanoteknologiastako seuraava yleiskäyttöinen teknologia? Havaintoja Suomen näkökulmastaPalmberg, Christopher
2007 Modes, challenges and outcomes of nanotechnology transfer: A comparative analysis of university and company researchersPalmberg, Christopher
2009 Commercialising eco-efficient nanotechnologies in the construction industry: The case of glass-processing in FinlandPalmberg, Christopher
2010 Towards a green post-crisis economy? - The position of Finland in environmental technologiesPalmberg, Christopher; Nikulainen, Tuomo