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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006 Understanding the effects of siblings on child mortality: evidence from IndiaMakepeace, Gerald; Pal, Sarmistha
2007 Elite dominance and under-investment in mass education: disparity in the social development of the Indian states, 1960-92Pal, Sarmistha; Ghosh, Sugata
2007 Birth spacing, fertility selection and child survival: analysis using a correlated hazard modelMaitra, Pushkar; Pal, Sarmistha
2007 Effects of intergenerational transfers on elderly coresidence with adult children: evidence from rural IndiaPal, Sarmistha
2007 Early childbirth, health inputs and child mortality: recent evidence from BangladeshMaitra, Pushkar; Pal, Sarmistha
2008 Evolution of capital structure in East Asia: corporate inertia or endeavours?Driffield, Nigel; Pal, Sarmistha
2008 Understanding poverty among the elderly in India: implications for social pension policyPal, Sarmistha; Palacios, Robert
2008 The elite and the marginalised: an analysis of public spending on mass education in the Indian StatesPal, Sarmistha; Ghosh, Sugata
2009 Public infrastructure, location of private schools and primary school attainment in an emerging economyPal, Sarmistha
2010 Excess leverage and productivity growth in emerging economies: Is there a threshold effect?Coricelli, Fabrizio; Driffield, Nigel; Pal, Sarmistha; Roland, Isabelle
2010 Can private school growth foster universal literacy? Panel evidence from Indian districtsPal, Sarmistha; Kingdon, Geeta Gandhi
2010 Fiscal decentralization and development: How crucial is local politics?Pal, Sarmistha; Roy, Jaideep
2010 Norms, culture and local infrastructure: Evidence from a decentralised economyPal, Sarmistha
2011 The value of business networks in emerging economies: An analysis of firms' external financing opportunitiesOwolabi, Oluwarotimi; Pal, Sarmistha
2011 Reforms, growth and persistence of gender gap: Recent evidence from private school enrolment in IndiaMaitra, Pushkar; Pal, Sarmistha; Sharma, Anurag
2012 Does corporate governance reform necessarily boost firm performance? Recent evidence from RussiaKuznecovs, Mihails; Pal, Sarmistha
2012 Fiscal decentralisation, local institutions and public goods provision: Evidence from IndonesiaPal, Sarmistha; Wahhaj, Zaki
2012 Fiscal Decentralisation, Local Institutions and Public Goods Provision: Evidence from IndonesiaPal, Sarmistha; Wahhaj, Zaki
2013 Corruption, Networking and Foreign Ownership: Recent Evidence from CEE CountriesPal, Sarmistha
2014 In 'Trusts' We Trust: Socially Motivated Private Schools in NepalPal, Sarmistha; Saha, Bibhas