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2011 How emission certificate allocations distort fossil investments: The German examplePahle, Michael; Fan, Lin; Schill, Wolf-Peter
2011 How Emission Certificate Allocations Distort Fossil Investments: The German ExamplePahle, Michael; Fan, Lin; Schill, Wolf-Peter
2014 The European Emissions Trading System (EU ETS): Ex-Post Analysis, the Market Stability Reserve and Options for a Comprehensive ReformKnopf, Brigitte; Koch, Nicolas; Grosjean, Godefroy; Fuss, Sabine; Flachsland, Christian; Pahle, Michael; Jakob, Michael; Edenhofer, Ottmar
2014 Die Ziele der Energiewende: Eine Kartierung der PrioritätenJoas, Fabian; Pahle, Michael; Flachsland, Christian
2015 When low market values are no bad news: On the coordination of renewable support and real-time pricingPahle, Michael; Schill, Wolf-Peter; Gambardella, Christian; Tietjen, Oliver
2015 A risk perspective on market integration and the reform of support of renewables in GermanyPahle, Michael; Schweizerhof, Henriette
2016 Do benefits from dynamic tariffing rise? Welfare effects of real-time pricing under carbon-tax-induced variable renewable energy supplyGambardella, Christian; Pahle, Michael; Schill, Wolf-Peter
2016 On start-up costs of thermal power plants in markets with increasing shares of fluctuating renewablesSchill, Wolf-Peter; Pahle, Michael; Gambardella, Christian
2016 Renewable Energy Support, Negative Prices, and Real-time PricingPahle, Michael; Schill, Wolf-Peter; Gambardella, Christian; Tietjen, Oliver
2018 How to deal with the risks of phasing out coal in Germany through national carbon pricingOsorio, Sebastian; Pietzcker, Robert Carl; Pahle, Michael; Edenhofer, Ottmar
2018 How to Deal with the Risks of Phasing out Coal in Germany through National Carbon PricingOsorio, Sebastian; Pietzcker, Robert C.; Pahle, Michael; Edenhofer, Ottmar
2019 Optionen für eine CO2-PreisreformEdenhofer, Ottmar; Flachsland, Christian; Kalkuhl, Matthias; Knopf, Brigitte; Pahle, Michael
2020 Reviewing the Market Stability Reserve in light of more ambitious EU ETS emission targetsOsorio, Sebastian; Tietjen, Oliver; Pahle, Michael; Pietzcker, Robert; Edenhofer, Ottmar
2020 From fundamentals to financial assets: the evolution of understanding price formation in the EU ETSFriedrich, Marina; Mauer, Eva-Maria; Pahle, Michael; Tietjen, Oliver