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1997 DO trade and technology reduce asymmetries? Evidence from manufacturing industries in the EURovelli, Riccardo; Paci, Raffaele
1998 Technological enclaves and industrial districts: An analysis of the regional distribution of innovative activity in EuropePaci, Raffaele; Usai, Stefano
1998 Is dualism still a source of convergence in Europe?Paci, Raffaele; Pigliaru, Francesco
2000 Technological Catch-Up And Regional Convergence In EuropePigliaru, Francesco; Paci, Raffaele
2000 Externalities, Knowledge Spillovers And The Spatial Distribution Of InnovationPaci, Raffaele; Usai, Stefano
2001 Technological diffusion, spatial spillovers and regional convergence in EuropePaci, Raffaele; Pigliaru, Francesco
2003 Spatial Externalities and Local Economic GrowthDeidda, Sonia; Paci, Raffaele; Usai, Stefano
2004 Spatial spillovers and innovation activity in European regionsMoreno, Rosina; Paci, Raffaele; Usai, Stefano
2004 Innovation and production clusters in EuropeMoreno, Rosina; Paci, Raffaele; Usai, Stefano
2005 Agglomeration Economies and Growth in Italian Local Labour Systems 1991-2001Paci, Raffaele; Usai, Stefano
2010 Intangible capital and firms productivityMarrocu, Emanuela; Paci, Raffaele; Pontis, Marco
2010 They arrive with new information. Tourism flows and production efficiency in the European regionsPaci, Raffaele; Marrocu, Emanuela
2011 Education or creativity: What matters most for economic performance?Marrocu, Emanuela; Paci, Raffaele
2011 Productivity growth in the Old and New Europe: the role of agglomeration externalitiesPaci, Raffaele; Marrocu, Emanuela; Usai, Stefano
2011 The knowledge regions in the enlarged EuropeFoddi, Marta; Paci, Raffaele; Colombelli, Alessandra
2012 The complementary effects of proximity dimensions on knowledge spilloversMarrocu, Emanuela; Paci, Raffaele; Usai, Stefano
2012 Regional development and creativityMarrocu, Emanuela; Paci, Raffaele
2013 Tourism and regional growth in EuropePaci, Raffaele; Marrocu, Emanuela
2014 Symmetric and asymmetric effects of proximities. The case of M&A deals in ItalyMarrocu, Emanuela; Boschma, Ron; Paci, Raffaele
2015 The effect of local corruption on ownership strategy in cross border mergers and acquisitionsMarrocu, Emanuela; Di Guardo, Maria Chiara; Paci, Raffaele