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2009 Has the Basel II Accord Encouraged Risk Management During the 2008-09 Financial Crisis?McAleer, Michael; Jimenez-Martin, Juan-Angel; Pérez-Amaral, Teodosio
2010 Internet Usage for Travel and Tourism. The Case of SpainGarín-Muñoz, Teresa; Pérez-Amaral, Teodosio
2013 Residential mobile phone users complaints' in SpainPérez-Amaral, Teodosio; Gijón, Covadonga; Garín-Muñoz, Teresa; López, Rafael
2013 The effect of educational mismatch on wages using European panel dataIriondo, Iñaki; Pérez-Amaral, Teodosio
2013 Has the Basel Accord Improved Risk Management During the Global Financial Crisis?McAleer, Michael; Jiménez-Martín, Juan-Ángel; Pérez-Amaral, Teodosio
2014 Consumer complaint behavior in telecommunications: The case of mobile phone users in SpainGarín-Muñoz, Teresa; Gijón, Covadonga; Pérez-Amaral, Teodosio; López, Rafael
2015 Big Data in SpainValarezo-Unda, Ángel; Pérez-Amaral, Teodosio; Gijón, Covadonga;
2015 A Stochastic Dominance Approach to the Basel III Dilemma: Expected Shortfall or VaR?Chang, Chia-Lin; Jiménez-Martín, Juan-Ángel; Maasoumi, Esfandiar; McAleer, Michael; Pérez-Amaral, Teodosio
2015 Choosing Expected Shortfall over VaR in Basel III Using Stochastic DominanceChang, Chia-Lin; Jiménez-Martín, Juan-Ángel; Maasoumi, Esfandiar; McAleer, Michel; Pérez-Amaral, Teodosio
2017 Models for individual adoption of eCommerce, eBanking and eGovernment in SpainGarín-Muñoz, Teresa; López, Rafael; Pérez-Amaral, Teodosio; Herguera García, Iñigo; Valarezo, Angel
2019 E-commerce and digital divide in Spain using individual panel data 2008-2016Pérez-Amaral, Teodosio; Valarezo, Angel; López, Rafael; Garín-Muñoz, Teresa; Herguera, Iñigo
2021 Online education adoption in Spain 2008-2019. Drivers and impedimentsLópez, Rafael; Valarezo, Ángel; Pérez-Amaral, Teodosio