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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002Debt reduction and automatic stabilisationHiebert, Paul; Pérez, Javier J.; Rostagno, Massimo
2002Identifying endogenous fiscal policy rules for macroeconomic modelsPérez, Javier J.; Hiebert, Paul
2005Early-warning tools to forecast general government deficit in the euro area: the role of intra-annual fiscal indicatorsPérez, Javier J.
2007Fiscal forecasting: lessons from the literature and challengesLeal, Teresa; Pérez, Javier J.; Tujula, Mika; Vidal, Jean-Pierre
2007The cyclicality of consumption, wages and employment of the public sector in the euro areaLamo, Ana; Pérez, Javier J.; Schuknecht, Ludger
2008The usefulness of infra-annual government cash budgetary data for fiscal forecasting in the euro areaOnorante, Luca; Pedregal, Diego J.; Pérez, Javier J.; Signorini, Sara
2008Should quarterly government finance statistics be used for fiscal surveillane in Europe?Pedregal, Diego J.; Pérez, Javier J.
2008Public and private sector wages: co-movement and causalityLamo, Ana; Pérez, Javier J.; Schuknecht, Ludger
2009Fiscal policy shocks in the euro area and the US: an empirical assessmentBurriel, Pablo; de Castro Fernández, Francisco; Garrote, Daniel; Gordo, Esther; Paredes, Joan; Pérez, Javier J.
2009Public and private sector wages interactions in a general equilibrium modelFernàndez-de-Córdoba, Gonzalo; Pérez, Javier J.; Torres, José L.
2009A quarterly fiscal database for the euro area based on intra-annual fiscal informationParedes, Joan; Pedregal, Diego J.; Pérez, Javier J.
2010Public wages in the euro area - towards securing stability and competitivenessHolm-Hadulla, Fédéric; Kamath, Kishore; Lamo, Ana; Pérez, Javier J.; Schuknecht, Ludger
2010Is there a signalling role for public wages? Evidence for the euro area based on macro dataPérez, Javier J.; Sánchez, Jesús
2010Discussion of the paper 'A rational expectations model for simulation and policy evaluation of the Spanish economy'Pérez, Javier J.
2011The public sector pay gap in a selection of Euro area countriesGiordano, Raffaela; Depalo, Domenico; Coutinho Pereira, Manuel; Eugène, Bruno; Papapetrou, Evangelia; Pérez, Javier J.; Reiss, Lukas; Roter, Mojca
2011Short-term monitoring of the Spanish government balanceLeal, Teresa; Pedregal, Diego J.; Pérez, Javier J.
2011Fiscal data revisions in Europede Castro Fernández, Francisco; Pérez, Javier J.; Rodríguez-Vives, Marta
2015Fiscal targets. A guide to forecasters?Paredes, Joan; Pérez, Javier J.; Pérez Quirós, Gabriel
2016The fiscal and macroeconomic effects of government wages and employment reformPérez, Javier J.; Aouriri, Marie; Campos, Maria M.; Celov, Dmitrij; Depalo, Domenico; Papapetrou, Evangelia; Pesliakaitė, Jurga; Ramos, Roberto; Rodríguez-Vives, Marta
2016Does slack influence public and private labor market interactions?Lamo, Ana; Moral-Benito, Enrique; Pérez, Javier J.