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2006Financing constraints and firms’ cash policy in the euro areaPál, Rozália; Ferrando, Annalisa
2006Firms' investment under financing constraints. An euro area investigationPál, Rozália; Kozhan, Roman
2006Institutional investors and stock market efficiency: The case of the January anomalyBohl, Martin T.; Gottschalk, Katrin; Henke, Harald; Pál, Rozália
2020Investment vs debt trade-offs in the post-COVID-19 European economyMaurin, Laurent; Pál, Rozália
2021Do capacity constraints trigger high growth for enterprises?Coad, Alexander; Domnick, Clemens; Flachenecker, Florian; Harasztosi, Peter; Janiri, Mario Lorenzo; Pál, Rozália; Teruel Carrizosa, Mercedes
2021The birth of new high growth enterprises: Internationalisation through new digital technologiesTeruel Carrizosa, Mercedes; Coad, Alexander; Domnick, Clemens; Flachenecker, Florian; Harasztosi, Péter; Janiri, Mario Lorenzo; Pál, Rozália
2021Efficiency and effectiveness of the COVID-19 government support: Evidence from firm-level dataLalinsky, Tibor; Pál, Rozália
2022COVID-19 and the resilience of European firms: The influence of pre-crisis productivity, digitalisation and growth performanceTeruel, Mercedes; Amaral-Garcia, Sofia; Bauer, Péter; Coad, Alexander; Domnick, Clemens; Harasztosi, Péter; Pál, Rozália
2022Investment expectations by vulnerable European firms: A difference-in-difference approachCoad, Alexander; Amaral-Garcia, Sofia; Bauer, Peter; Domnick, Clemens; Harasztosi, Péter; Pál, Rozália; Teruel, Mercedes
2022Firm-level policy support during the crisis: So far, so good?Harasztosi, Péter; Maurin, Laurent; Pál, Rozália; Revoltella, Debora; Van Der Wielen, Wouter
2023Which European firms were hardest hit by COVID-19?Coad, Alexander; Bauer, Péter; Domnick, Clemens; Harasztosie, Péter; Pál, Rozália; Teruel, Mercedes