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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Promoting transparency in the NGO sector: Examining the availability and reliability of self-reported dataBurger, Ronelle; Owens, Trudy
2010 Food price changes and consumer welfare in Tanzania 1991 - 2007Leyaro, Vincent; Morrissey, Oliver; Owens, Trudy
2010 Has the introduction of microfinance crowded-out informal loans in Malawi?Disney, Richard; Fichera, Eleonora; Owens, Trudy
2011 Model of NGO regulation with an application to UgandaBurger, Ronelle; Dasgupta, Indraneel; Owens, Trudy
2011 Receive grants or perish? The survival prospects of African nongovernmental organizationsBurger, Ronelle; Owens, Trudy
2012 How do donors allocate funds to NGOs? Evidence from UgandaBougheas, Spiros; Isopi, Alessia; Owens, Trudy
2013 Labour market entry and earnings: Evidence from Tanzanian retrospective dataBridges, Sarah; Fox, Louise; Gaggero, Alessio; Owens, Trudy
2013 "I know my rights, but am I better off?": Institutions and disability in UgandaOwens, Trudy; Torrance, Samantha
2014 Determinants of urban labour earnings in Tanzania, 2000/01-06Leyaro, Vincent; Twumasi Baffour, Priscilla; Morrissey, Oliver; Owens, Trudy
2014 Tradeoffs between self-interest and other-regarding preferences cause willpower depletionFromell, Hanna; Nosenzo, Daniele; Owens, Trudy
2014 Why Pay NGOs to Involve the Community?Burger, Ronelle; Dasgupta, Indraneel; Owens, Trudy
2014 Why pay NGOs to involve the community?Burger, Ronelle; Dasgupta, Indraneel; Owens, Trudy
2015 Hedonic adaptation to treatment: Evidence from a medical interventionBarazzetta, Marta; Appleton, Simon; Owens, Trudy
2016 How accurate are financial reports of british charities?Dang, Canh Thien; Owens, Trudy
2017 Risk taking and sharing when risk exposure is interdependentBarr, Abigail; Owens, Trudy; Perera, Ashira
2017 Are victims truly worse off in the presence of bystanders? Revisiting the bystander effectFromell, Hanna; Nosenzo, Daniele; Owens, Trudy; Tufano, Fabio
2017 What motivates Ugandan NGOs to diversify: Risk reduction or private gain?Dang, Canh Thien; Owens, Trudy
2017 Better performing NGOs do report more accurately: Evidence from investigating Ugandan NGO financial accountsBurger, Ronelle; Dang, Canh Thien; Owens, Trudy
2017 Collective action when public good returns are heterogeneousBarr, Abigail; Owens, Trudy; Perera, Ashira
2018 Altruism, fast and slow? Evidence from a meta-analysis and a new experimentFromell, Hanna; Nosenzo, Daniele; Owens, Trudy