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2009Testing the monetary policy rule in the US: A reconsideration of the Fed's behaviourMinford, Patrick; Ou, Zhirong
2010US post-war monetary policy: What caused the Great Moderation?Minford, Patrick; Ou, Zhirong
2012Revisiting the great moderation using the method of indirect inferenceMinford, Patrick; Ou, Zhirong
2013The Fiscal Theory of the Price Level - identification and testing for the UK in the 1970sFan, Jingwen; Minford, Patrick; Ou, Zhirong
2013What causes banking crises? An empirical investigation for the world economyLe, Vo Phuong Mai; Meenagh, David; Minford, Patrick; Ou, Zhirong
2014Revisiting the Great Moderation: policy or luck?Minford, Patrick; Ou, Zhirong; Wickens, Michael
2014The role of Fiscal policy in Britain's Great InflationFan, Jingwen; Minford, Patrick; Ou, Zhirong
2017What determines China's housing price dynamics? New evidence from a DSGE-VARLiu, Chunping; Ou, Zhirong
2019Has fiscal expansion inflated house prices in China? Evidence from an estimated DSGE modelLiu, Chunping; Ou, Zhirong
2019Can a small New Keynesian model of the world economy with risk-pooling match the facts?Minford, Patrick; Ou, Zhirong; Zhu, Zheyi
2020Is there consumer risk-pooling in the open economy? The evidence reconsideredMinford, Patrick; Ou, Zhirong; Zhu, Zheyi
2020Is housing collateral important to the business cycle? Evidence from China parityGai, Yue; Minford, Patrick; Ou, Zhirong
2020Does public spending structure affect the efficiency of spending? Evidence from a panel tobit model for Chinese provincesOu, Zhirong; Zeng, Fuwen; Zhan, Xinyu
2021The eurozone: What is to be done?Minford, Patrick; Ou, Zhirong; Wickens, Michael R.; Zhu, Zheyi
2021Revisiting the determinants of house prices in China's megacities: Cross-sectional heterogeneity, interdependencies and spilloversLiu, Chunping; Ou, Zhirong
2021Can debt monetisation be helpful for China's post-Covid recovery? Some empirical evidenceCao, Ziyi; Ou, Zhirong
2022Modern Monetary Theory: The post-Crisis economy misunderstood?Liu, Chunping; Minford, Patrick; Ou, Zhirong
2023Is there international risk-sharing between developed economies? New evidence from indirect inferenceMinford, Patrick; Ou, Zhirong; Zhu, Zheyi
2023On the determination of the real exchange rate in free markets: Do consumer risk-pooling and uncovered interest parity differ and fit?Minford, Patrick; Ou, Zhirong; Zhu, Zheyi