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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006 Accuracy and properties of German business cycle forecastsOsterloh, Steffen
2006 Wer prognostiziert die deutsche Konjunktur am besten?Osterloh, Steffen
2007 The Accuracy and Efficiency of the Consensus Forecasts: A Further Application and Extension of the Pooled ApproachAger, Philipp; Kappler, Marcus; Osterloh, Steffen
2007 Nachlassende KonjunkturdynamikOsterloh, Steffen; Ullrich, Katrin
2008 Reformoptionen für das EU-Eigenmittelsystem: Zusammenfassung und Kurzfassung Forschungsauftrag Nr. 8/06 des Bundesministeriums der FinanzenHeinemann, Friedrich; Mohl, Philipp; Osterloh, Steffen
2008 Reform options for the EU own resources system: Abstract and executive summary. Research Project 8/06. Commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of FinanceHeinemann, Friedrich; Mohl, Philipp; Osterloh, Steffen
2008 Who's afraid of an EU tax and why? Revenue system preferences in the European ParliamentMohl, Philipp; Heinemann, Friedrich; Osterloh, Steffen
2008 The Political Economy of Corporate Tax Harmonization: Why Do European Politicians (Dis)like Minimum Tax Rates?Osterloh, Steffen; Heinemann, Friedrich
2008 Die Rezession hat Deutschland erfasstOsterloh, Steffen
2008 Steuerbasierte EU-Finanzierung?Osterloh, Steffen
2009 Deutschland steckt in der RezessionKappler, Marcus; Osterloh, Steffen
2009 Zukunft der EU-Strukturpolitik: Kurzfassung. Forschungsprojekt I D 4 - 15/07 im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und TechnologieHeinemann, Friedrich; Hagen, Tobias; Mohl, Philipp; Osterloh, Steffen; Sellenthin, Mark
2009 Partisan politics in corporate tax competitionOsterloh, Steffen; Debus, Marc
2010 Words speak louder than actions: The impact of politics on economic performanceOsterloh, Steffen
2010 Regionale Transfers der EU und die öffentliche MeinungOsterloh, Steffen
2011 Can regional transfers buy public support? Evidence from EU structural policyOsterloh, Steffen
2011 Politicians' opinions on rivals in the competition for firms: An empirical analysis of reference points near a borderGeys, Benny; Osterloh, Steffen
2012 Tax and the city: A theory of local tax competition and evidence for GermanyJaneba, Eckhard; Osterloh, Steffen
2012 Borders as boundaries to fiscal policy interactions? An empirical analysis of politicians' opinions on rivals in the competition for firmsGeys, Benny; Osterloh, Steffen
2013 Sovereign Bond Market Reactions to Fiscal Rules and No-Bailout Clauses The Swiss ExperienceMoessinger, Marc-Daniel; Feld, Lars P.; Kalb, Alexander; Osterloh, Steffen