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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1994Towards a Model for Analyzing the Impact of Macroeconomic Adjustment Policies on Households: A ReviewOrbeta, Aniceto Jr. C.
1996Micro Interventions for Poverty Alleviation: The Philippine CaseOrbeta, Aniceto Jr. C.; Sanchez-Robielos, Maria Teresa
1996Structural Adjustment and Poverty Alleviation in the PhilippinesOrbeta, Aniceto Jr. C.
1998Macroeconomic Policy Change and Household Health Outomes: A Simulation of the Impact of the 1988-1992 Tariff Reform ProgramOrbeta, Aniceto Jr. C.; Alba, Michael M.
1998A Study of Housing Subsidies in the PhilippinesOrbeta, Aniceto Jr. C.; Llanto, Gilberto M.; Sanchez-Robielos, Maria Teresa; Tang, Marie Christine
1999Social Impact of the Regional Financial Crisis in the PhilippinesOrbeta, Aniceto Jr. C.; Manasan, Rosario G.; de Guzman, Generoso; Reyes, Celia M.
1999Population and Development Planning (PDP) Model: The 1998 UpdateOrbeta, Aniceto Jr. C.; Belizario, Mildred; Lavina, Edith
1999Population Growth and Economic Development in the Philippines: What Has Been the Experience and What Must Be Done?Orbeta, Aniceto Jr. C.; Pernia, Ernesto M.
1999Impacts of the Southeast Asian Financial Crisis on the Philippine Manufacturing SectorLamberte, Mario B.; Orbeta, Aniceto Jr. C.; Cororaton, Caesar B.; Guerrero, Margarita F.
2008Economic Impact of International Migration and Remittances on Philippine Households: What We Thought We Knew, What We Need to KnowOrbeta, Aniceto Jr. C.
2009The Social and Economic Impact of Philippine International Labor Migration and RemittancesOrbeta, Aniceto Jr. C.; Zosa, Victorina
2009Institutions Serving Philippine International Labor MigrantsOrbeta, Aniceto Jr. C.; Cabalfin, Michael R.; Abrigo, Michael Ralph M.
2009Philippine International Labor Migration in the Past 30 Years: Trends and ProspectsOrbeta, Aniceto Jr. C.; Abrigo, Michael Ralph M.
2011Social Protection in the Philippines: Current State and ChallengesOrbeta, Aniceto Jr. C.
2011Managing International Labor Migration: The Philippine ExperienceOrbeta, Aniceto Jr. C.; Abrigo, Michael Ralph M.
2012An Assessment of TESDA Scholarship ProgramsOrbeta, Aniceto Jr. C.; Abrigo, Michael Ralph M.
2013Enhancing Labor Mobility in ASEAN: Focus on Lower-skilled WorkersOrbeta, Aniceto Jr. C.
2013After Five Years of Pantawid, What Next?Orbeta, Aniceto Jr. C.; Paqueo, Vicente B.; Castaneda, Tarsicio; Spohr, Chris
2013Managing International Labor Migration in ASEAN: Themes from a Six-Country StudyOrbeta, Aniceto Jr. C.; Gonzales, Kathrina G.
2014Labor Policy Analysis for Jobs Expansion and DevelopmentOrbeta, Aniceto Jr. C.; Paqueo, Vicente B.; Lanzona, Leonardo Jr. A.; Dulay, Dean Gerard C.