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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Learning, liquidity preference, and business cycleHorii, Ryo; Ono, Yoshiyasu
2006 The byrd amendment as facilitating a tacit international business collusionOgawa, Yoshitomo; Ono, Yoshiyasu
2006 Protective trade policies 'reduce' employment: A dynamic optimization approachOno, Yoshiyasu
2006 Fallacy of the multiplier effect: Correcting the income analysisOno, Yoshiyasu
2006 Capital income taxation and specialization patterns: Investment tax vs. saving taxOno, Yoshiyasu; Shibata, Akihisa
2007 Does pro-poulation policy raise per capita consumption?Hashimoto, Ken-ichi; Ono, Yoshiyasu
2008 Growth, stagnation and status preferenceMurota, Ryu-ichiro; Ono, Yoshiyasu
2008 Determinacy of equilibrium under various Phillips curvesOno, Yoshiyasu
2009 Zero nominal interest rates, unemployment, excess reserves and deflation in a liquidity trapMurota, Ryu-ichiro; Ono, Yoshiyasu
2009 The Keynesian multiplier effect reconsideredOno, Yoshiyasu
2009 Nominal wage adjustment, demand shortage and economic policyOno, Yoshiyasu; Ishida, Junichiro
2010 Public debt places no burden on future generations under demand shortageOgawa, Takayuki; Ono, Yoshiyasu
2010 A reinterpretation of the Keynesian consumption function and multiplier effectMurota, Ryu-ichiro; Ono, Yoshiyasu
2012 Difference or ratio: Implication of status preference on stagnationOno, Yoshiyasu; Yamada, Katsunori
2013 Tariffs versus production subsidies as industry protectionOgawa, Yoshitomo; Ono, Yoshiyasu
2014 Exchange-Rate Adjustment and Macroeconomic Interdependence between Stagnant and Fully Employed CountriesOno, Yoshiyasu
2014 Exchange-rate adjustment and macroeconomic interdependence between stagnant and fully employed countriesOno, Yoshiyasu
2015 Growth, secular stagnation and wealth preferenceOno, Yoshiyasu
2015 Fiscal policy under long-run stagnation: A new interpretation of the multiplier effectMurota, Ryu-ichiro; Ono, Yoshiyasu
2016 Asset prices and leverage in a model of persistent stagnationIlling, Gerhard; Ono, Yoshiyasu; Schlegl, Matthias